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The Power Of A Smile – When Tiny Things Matter

Written by: Rita Briffa, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


A smile is the facial response to being happy. But there is more to it...

selfie shot of a smiling woman wearing eye glasses

What is a smile for you?

Honestly it occurs naturally for me to smile. It is an innate capacity to show tenderness and self-love to every cell in my body. It is my way of connecting with my inner child which keeps me happy. So how do smile at yourself?

On the street, I genuinely smile to others. I observe how it changes the whole dynamics. Often I catch people walking looking grumpy, upset, sad and purposely I look at them and smile. Then I allow the magic to unfold.

I can relate to this episode that is forever embedded in my heart. I was visiting a friend in Germany many years ago. We were out with her 4-year-old boy and he was riding his toy pushbike. One time he got down and as I bent over to pick it up, my eyes catched an elderly lady resting her arms on a windowsill on the fifth floor of the apartments opposite the street. She looked so lonely. I smiled at her and she was taken by surprise and got in a frenzy. She started waving and throwing kisses at me and the little boy. My friend saw her and she came to me asking me what had I done?! She told me she may have been there every single morning watching people go by, and no one had smiled to her for many years. It is sad to think that a simple gesture is missing in our fast paced society.

When was your last time that you smiled to someone you do not know?

How long does it take you to go from a frown into a smile?

My friend have you ever thought that time cannot be reversed? So when you frown you are losing valuable moments. I acknowledge that there are circumstances where we react, but then you will be lowering your vibrations and what you detest will persecute you. So just rise up, smile and watch its ripples attract more smiles.

A smile holds power. It has the potential to uplift you and others. Also be aware that a smile can irritate others who do not mean well to you. A smile changes your perception on yourself and your surroundings. It helps you respond to life. A smile lightens the burdens and it is contagious.

It is the seed and what you focus on, you will get. So put up a smile even if you feel down, and allow this to ripple out. Smile breaks down resistance – it just surrenders to better living. A smile does not take any resistance – it comes naturally.

A smile aligns you with the flow of energy. It is surrendering to the flow and allowing it to raise your vibrations. Then the law of attraction aligns energies with your needs and desires. So when you go for alignment, then everything flows. So my friend, smile and allow its ripples of energy to heal you and believe in better days now.

In my work obviously I meet women who have been or are passing through lots of pain. When they work with me, I fully empathize with them, but when it gets heavy, I make it a point to relate a funny anecdote. I simply see their faces remembering to smile or laugh. And the therapeutic effects are marvellous.

So smiling has loads of benefits:

  • Smile to yourself and allow every cell of your body to feel lighter

  • Start smiling at someone you do not know and allow magic

  • Turn your frowns into smiles and feel the different vibrations in your body

  • Tap into the potential of smiling and watch its power

  • Smiling is contagious.

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Rita Briffa, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rita Briffa has more than 20 years of experience in energy healing, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and Encaustic art therapy. In her mid-30s she met Reiki and her life has changed completely. Her encounter with Reiki changed her life from a perspective of a sick child to a wise assertive woman full of health and vitality. She published her book ''My way to Success through healing self-love.'' She gives programmes in Success Self Love coaching both at her Wellbeing Consultancy Centre and online. She gives physical and distances healing with Reiki, Reflexology, Bach flower remedies and Encaustic art therapy. Her passion is helping people to love themselves and sharing this abundant love with others.



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