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The Nuanced Art Of Chakra-Driven Sales

Written by: Sharyn Atkinson, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Sharyn Atkinson

In sales, success is not just about tactics and strategies, but about the depth of connection and the level of understanding we establish with clients. I believe that sales is more than a transaction; it's a heartfelt service. After decades of sales calls, I’ve noticed that one thing remains constant; communication and depth of listening is the golden key that opens the door to increased sales conversion. It might surprise you to learn that your chakras can help you amplify your communication and listening ability in client interactions whether they are face-to-face or conducted remotely via Zoom.

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Your unseen power in sales

The chakras play a crucial role in every human interaction, although you’re probably unaware you’re using them. They are spinning vortexes of energy that extend beyond your physical body, influencing how you connect and communicate.

When you enjoy talking with someone your chakras extend and make a reciprocal connection to their corresponding chakras. When you don’t enjoy being around someone, your chakras stop extending beyond the body and contract like a turtle going back into its shell. You withdraw your energy and your body language will reflect this in several ways such as folding your arms.

In sales, consciously engaging the third eye, throat and heart chakras can lead to more effective communication, a deeper understanding of client needs, and stronger connections when you use them intentionally.

Third eye chakra: Intellectual and intuitive insight

The third eye chakra, located between the eyebrows, is the centre of intuition and insight. It helps in 'tuning in' to the client's unspoken needs and concerns. This chakra is the gateway to psychic ability but it’s also responsible for your mental connection with others.

By establishing an intellectual connection through the third eye, you can understand and articulate complex concepts more effectively, helping clients grasp your message clearly. This connection also enables you to notice when a client is confused or lost, allowing you to reframe key information in a way they will understand. An important component to building trust and if you can do this effectively, your clients will feel that you genuinely understand them. This can open up a free exchange of ideas, questions and concerns which is incredibly useful when it comes to tailoring solutions to your clients.

Throat chakra: Mastering communication

Two-way open and honest communication is a cornerstone of lifelong client relationships. The throat chakra, located between the clavicles (collarbones), is crucial for clear and persuasive communication, and listening ability. Establishing a connection between the throat chakras not only means that you will be able to listen at a deeper level and find the right words that your client needs to hear.

This connection can make dishonesty or withholding information easier to pick up on which can be useful in negotiations or if you’re required to assess the level of risk involved regarding someone’s character in a transaction.

If you find yourself speaking with a chatterbox, and find that you’re going off-topic more times than you would like, establish a connection between your throat chakras. This will create a break in the conversation so you can take back control and steer the conversation in the direction of progressing the sales conversation.

Heart chakra: Emotional connection and empathy

The heart chakra, located in the centre of your chest, governs empathy and emotional connection, which are essential for understanding clients' needs, motivation and bigger-picture objectives.

By opening your heart chakra, you can improve your ability to listen empathetically, fostering trust and rapport with clients. Clients will feel like they know you, you’re exactly the person they need to speak with and find it much easier to warm to you. In these circumstances, you might experience your clients opening up and sharing a greater level of personal information with you.

It is a brilliant way to build rapid rapport and set the tone as you frame your client meeting. You will probably find that this level of connection continues throughout the conversation as if they are kindred clients. When you do this, don’t be surprised if your clients start closing themselves, this technique is that powerful.

Consciously connecting your chakras

You don’t need any special ability to create these connections intentionally. To connect your chakra with another person all you have to do is pretend there is white light coming out of your chosen chakra to theirs. You don’t have to ‘see’ or visualise anything. The ‘pretend’ state will direct your energy in the way you instruct so you can do this discreetly with your eyes open. When your chakra energies connect it’s always polite to greet them and say hello or give them a smile. They will respond immediately so pay attention to the subtle reactions they give you. You’ll know if you’re being well received.

Practising chakra connections

Like any sales technique, practice makes perfect. Start trying these chakra connections with family and friends. As you become more adept, integrate these practices into your sales interactions and observe the improvement in connection and depth of understanding.

By harnessing the power of the third eye, throat, and heart chakras, you’ll be amazed by how you can perceive a greater depth of insight and build stronger, more genuine client relationships that are mutually beneficial.

We all have chakras, and I imagine that no one has ever taught you how you can use them intentionally to make your life easier. Now that you have this level of awareness, you’ll begin to notice what’s going on at an energetic level in all of your interactions. If consciously improving communication with a level of intuitive intelligence is something you want to explore further, contact me here, and let’s explore how I can support you to unlock your full potential.

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Sharyn Atkinson Brainz Magazine

Sharyn Atkinson, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sharyn Atkinson is a visionary transformation coach and master intuitive healer who overlays metaphysical techniques with business strategy so that entrepreneurs feel confident making their financial freedom unavoidable. After working as a business banker for more than a decade and witnessing business owners struggle in challenging economic climates, Sharyn now knows that the experience of entrepreneurship can be easier. Combining energy work with her deliberate creation practice of two decades into the Abundance Mastery System™, Sharyn empowers her clients to work with the quantum field to get tangible and profitable outcomes quickly, regardless of what is going on in the world.


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