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The B.B.L.I.S.S. Formula

Written by: Dani Green, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Breathe. Believe Life Is Simple & Satisfying. Follow these simple steps to journal through a life issue that feels chaotic and painful. Come to a place of acceptance and peace with what is. Sometimes a life issue is severe and exceptionally emotionally and physically draining, when you are ready, use this process to find peace.

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In the following journaling prompts, I recount a situation in my life that took 12 hours to resolve. My son and daughter-in-law had teaching positions offered to them 15 minutes away from our home and three hours away (over a mountain pass). They chose to move. I was so upset, I got out of bed at midnight, went outside, and stomped around in the wet grass, crying and telling God how sad and mad I was. The next morning, I decided to apply my ‘The B.B.L.I.S.S. Formula’ to work through my feelings. By noon, that day I was able to ask my son what he and his wife were looking forward to in their decision to accept teaching positions and move to a town new to them.


Take a moment to relax… Breathe in through your nose for a count of three. And out through your mouth for a count of six. On the in-breath, breathe in love. On the out-breath, breathe out any tension that you sense in your body or mind. When you focus on your breathing it takes your brain out of reactive mode. This simple act of relaxation brings oxygen and renewal to the cells of your body.


What we believe affects the cellular function of our body and can eventually dictate our actions. If we react with a habit or emotion, we are re-acting from a subconscious response. If we tell and relive a long-held hurtful story, it can lead us to react in a way that is harmful to ourselves and others. We need to remove these blocks of hurt and pain.

We can tell ourselves an empowering story and can accomplish incredible tasks! Our body believes the story we tell it. We need to tell ourselves a better story to live at a higher level of consciousness. Believe you are infinite, loving, and powerful, and you will begin to dispel life-draining thoughts and reactions.

Our conscious mind uses around 5% of the processing power of the brain. Thinking, moving, making choices, planning, seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling are all conscious activities. The other 95% of our brain uses the subconscious mind, which is continuously busy keeping our body systems running efficiently and storing emotional and biochemical information in our brain and the cells of our body. The subconscious mind exerts an unseen and profound influence over how we feel, what we believe, and how we behave.

Addressing issues at this inner mind level is imperative. Hypnotherapy is a great tool to release and reframe our experiences and emotions in order to move toward a positive life-giving mindset. When we intentionally relax and close our eyes, we are disengaging the conscious mind and automatically accessing the subconscious and deeper superconscious mind. Meditation, prayer, deep contemplation, or hypnosis are essential in discovering our inner truth. Re-programming our inner mind can be the first step toward writing a new story, living at a higher level of consciousness, and accomplishing positive action.

‘Believe’ Journal Prompt: Write down a recent belief that when expressed felt judgmental, negative, or life-draining toward yourself or others.

Example. I did not think my son and daughter-in-law should move three hours away.


We can imagine life is like a play. We are the main character of our Story. Others are the main character of their stories. The Play we are all in is often influenced by what we believe. We need to be open to changing our beliefs when life presents us with new information. Life is an unfolding Story.

Observe Life. Take a deep breath and watch what is happening around you. Observe what others are experiencing. What is your best response? Should you speak or watch? Should you take action or wait? Wait and see what happens next. What are your choices?

What can you be grateful for at this moment that moves you to appreciate life? This present moment is a miracle. The life force of Love is within you and surrounds you. You are a gift, and your life is to be treasured.

‘Life’ Journal Prompt: Write down three things you appreciate about yourself. Write down three things for which you are grateful.

Example: I am loving, strong, and wise. I am grateful for my family, home, and work helping others.


Accepting ‘what is’ is an essential step to living a life of peace. When we complain about the weather or traffic or other people, we activate a sense of dissatisfaction in our bodies. Dissatisfaction and other negative emotions can produce a flood of harmful biochemicals in our bodies.

Using The B.B.L.I.S.S. Formula, on the other hand, we can choose to observe what is, find meaning, and learn from the circumstance. Through this simple process, we are improving our life and the function of our brains and bodies.

‘Is’ Journal Prompt: Write down an issue you are struggling to accept.

Example. I was angry and sad when they decided to move.


Life can seem complicated and chaotic, which is all a matter of perspective. Perspective is simple to change. Our left brain is good at helping us keep our calendar and make plans, but our left brain can also overwork by projecting so many possible outcomes we feel frozen and immobilized.

When we consider any issue using our creative empathetic right brain, we can come up with a simple truth that gives us a sense of calm so we can better see the next step. The simple truth is the magic of The B.B.L.I.S.S. Formula. Finding a simple truth is often a realistic and quieter choice.

‘Simple’ Journal Prompt: Close your eyes and ask Universal God Love Source what is simple and more deeply true about the situation you are facing.

Example. It is their life, and they have the right and responsibility to make choices for themselves.


Everything belongs. You are always on the best path.


We can just do one thing at a time in any area of our lives. We cannot step into the next hour, day, month, or year. We can consider the next few seconds ‒ then repeat, repeat, and repeat.

When we try to move into the future which is not yet here, we can become dissatisfied with the present moment. Most of our suffering is because we want something we do not have. We also suffer when we have expectations for others or situations that are outside of our control. Our brains are naturally dissatisfied as a survival mechanism. Our thoughts can become entangled in ‘what ifs’ and ‘whys’. Overcoming a sense of dissatisfaction shows we are evolving toward Love.

We can learn to be satisfied with the simple truth that is more deeply true than the chaotic story we are telling ourselves. There is always a deeper truth that will bring peace and healing. Sometimes we will hear the truth instantly and sometimes takes time. There is always a solution.

Looking for beauty and meaning and being grateful are ways to be satisfied with 'what is.' To be satisfied with today brings more peace and joy into each present moment. What about the future? Of course, as we are moving toward our dreams, we can choose to learn and grow and change to become who we are becoming. We can see and wait and then act.

A step of growth for you in applying The B.B.L.I.S.S. Formula is to be satisfied with the simple truth you just discerned in this journaling prompt. Becoming satisfied with the present moment is the secret to living a life of peace and joy!

‘Satisfying’ Journal Prompt: Write down what is satisfying about the simple truth you have discerned.

Example. We look at the same sun and moon. I hope to see our son and daughter-in-law in person once a month. I love them.

P.S. As of this writing, we have seen each other every month for the last three years.

We Are Evolving Toward Love

When we think our way through a circumstance or problem, we must consider a higher truth than our current circumstances. Our physical life is temporary. When we become less attached to our bodies and our possessions, we will begin to live a more satisfying life.

We are here together as a human family on this planet at this time to learn one lesson, to evolve toward love. Evolving toward love is the one process that will allow the human family to progress to a higher level of consciousness and behavior.

We suffer together as humankind. What happens to one of us happens to all of us. We learn together as a human family. We grow together as humankind. And most importantly, when we love together as a human family, we evolve together into a higher level of being.

Our deep spiritual life, our Soul, is the part of us that will transform our beliefs and behaviors into a higher level of consciousness. Our spiritual life is our Essence and is what goes with us to the next realm. When you feel yourself evolving toward Love, you will know you have accessed this deep part of you that is always with you, past, present, and future.

Let Dani Be Your Guide to Live A Life of B.B.L.I.S.S.

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Dani Green, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dani Green is a certified hypnotherapist, speaker, author and spiritual activist. Dani’s core focus and passion is to guide clients to rewrite the past, present, and future Story they tell themselves at the subconscious level and to discover their own Inner Mantras.

Dani has a 12-session course called The Soul Power Experience. The courses, Be Smoke Free and One & D.O.N.E. Weight Release are each six sessions. Dani also offers Intuitive sessions.

Dani opened her hypnotherapy practice in 2015 and uses client-centered hypnotherapy, as well as The Emotion Code, PSYCH-K, and RIM.



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