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The Art Of Loving Oneself

Written by: Rita Briffa, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We are humans in an eternal search to be loved and love in return. We go the extra mile to find someone who loves us. Often we take great risks, we get blindfolded, and we forget our well-being in search to find love outside us.

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‘I am successful when I love myself, and I feel good about it.’

‘’My way to Success through healing self-love’’ Rita Briffa

In this taxing journey of searching for love, we end up missing the vital point, that is, we stop loving ourselves, or even more it never occurs to us to love ourselves first.

In reality, few of us imagine how our body not only feels but listens to our sadness, heartbreaks, bitterness, self-pity, anger and fear. Our body systems are all affected by our emotions and thoughts.

Initially, our body starts to send signals of depression, sadness, anger, irritability, pain and insomnia. Then when we do not listen to it, it starts manifesting a state of dis-ease.

It is a wake-up call for many. There is the initial shock. Then we take it for granted that our body is aching and getting less functional than before. The physical manifestation of dis-ease can vary from an ‘accident’, a common cold up to a chronic autoimmune illness and sadly even terminal consequences.

Why do you need to arrive at this stage to take action to care for your well-being? Would not it be better if you act proactively and start to love yourself first? And then, from the abundance of self-love, you will share unconditionally with anyone close or far.

It is a natural law that you cannot love others if you do not even know how to love yourself. It is so easy to love others when you love yourself unconditionally. Then the overflow of love you have for yourself spills on others in abundance.

This style of loving spares you from running on empty and ending up tired of giving to others. Certainly, you will get angry or bitter because you feel depleted.

When you love yourself unconditionally, you accept yourself with your gifts and your flaws. Actually, you need your grey areas to keep you humble and to give you a chance to change yourself and get better emotionally, mentally and physically.

Discovering yourself is a journey of many surprises, joy, love and excitement. Embracing your gifts and sharing them with others changes both your life and those around you. When you accept yourself, you start to seek forgiveness from yourself for the moments you gave your power away. That is fine as now you know better.

And you will make improvements by showing more compassion and empathy towards yourself. This is different from self-pity as it builds you up and empowers you in return. This attitude heals the body, mind and heart.

How can you start your healing journey of loving yourself?

  1. Start to listen to your needs

  2. Connect with your true self

  3. Affirm with confidence what you are working on

  4. Write down your goals

  5. Seek your passion in life

  6. Visualise yourself as successful and surrounded by love.

I am here to help you heal mentally, emotionally and physically with Success Self love coaching. I also give both local and distance healing with Reiki. I am qualified in Reflexology, Encaustic Art therapy, Bach flower remedies and Aromatherapy. I give both physical and online treatments.

I teach Reiki from level 1 up to Master Teacher level. Teaching is carried out both at my Wellbeing Consultancy Centre and online.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and visit my website for more info!


Rita Briffa, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rita Briffa has more than 20 years of experience in energy healing, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and Encaustic art therapy. In her mid-30s she met Reiki and her life has changed completely. Her encounter with Reiki changed her life from a perspective of a sick child to a wise assertive woman full of health and vitality. She published her book ''My way to Success through healing self-love.'' She gives programmes in Success Self Love coaching both at her Wellbeing Consultancy Centre and online. She gives physical and distances healing with Reiki, Reflexology, Bach flower remedies and Encaustic art therapy. Her passion is helping people to love themselves and sharing this abundant love with others.



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