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The 4 Chambers Of Vitality – An Inclusive Approach To A Balanced Spiritual Life

Candace Tozer is a uniquely gifted soul aligned quantum life coach, her passion lies in seeing her clients thrive not just survive, moving them out of the mindset and embodiment of limitation into the realm of possibility.

Executive Contributor Candace Tozer

When trying to obtain spiritual balance in your life it is essential to understand that there is more than one area that needs your attention.

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Very often, we forget that being spiritual also means incorporating balance in all other chambers of our vitality and when we don’t, we find ourselves experiencing challenges and struggles that could be mitigated with a mindset shift into supporting ourselves in our totality. Remembering that you are a physical being as much as a spiritual being can assist you in not bypassing chambers.


What are the 4 chambers of vitality and how can we actively support them?

The 4 chambers of vitality are essentially the four quarters that make up the whole part. The first is Physical, the second mental, the third emotional, and the last spiritual.


The physical chamber of vitality is everything that governs your physical body when in balance you are:

  • Nourishing your physical body with optimal nutrition for your body's daily needs, whether this is through diet or supplements that are recognized by your body as supportive.

  • Hydrating well with a supplemented mineral.

  • Regularly exercising, to support your lymphatic system.

  • Resting and sleeping well, actively participating in a routine that aligns with optimal rest.

  • Detoxing and undergoing supportive practices to ensure physical health, whether it is regular parasite cleanses, enemas, heavy metal chelation, cold plunges, lymphatic drainage massages, breathwork, or fasting.


The mental chamber of vitality is everything that governs your mental body when in balance:

  • You practice conscious mindfulness.

  • You are aware of your mental health and supporting it with practices that are healing such as meditation, and breathwork.

  • You obtain support in times when you need extra help.

  • You are aware that every thought you think has the power to be created so cultivate a positive mindset.


The emotional chamber of vitality is everything that governs your emotional body when in balance:

  • Your nervous system is regulated.

  • You have the tools needed to regulate your nervous system when it goes into dysfunction, whether it is breathing techniques, exercise, or other somatic practices.

  • You recognize that emotions are stored in the body when unprocessed and actively participate in processing emotions alchemically, this can be done through many methods such as conscious journalling, meditation, and prayer.

  • You take responsibility for your healing to not project your emotional wounds onto others.

  • You are deeply aware of your feelings and emotions and how they manifest in your body, giving you a pre-warning system to work through them before they manifest physically.


The spiritual chamber of vitality is everything that governs your spiritual body when in balance:

  • Your energy field, meridians, and chakras are balanced and active.

  • You actively participate in cultivating your connection to your divinity within.

  • You ensure an active spiritual routine, such as meditating, yoga, prayer, journalling, grounding, and time in nature.

  • You understand that everything is energy and choose wisely how you share your energy and what energy comes into your field.

  • You are aware that you create your reality, so ensure that you spend time doing things that raise your vibration and operate as much as possible from a place of humble authenticity.

  • You are aware that the life force flows through you and that you are a conduit for this energy, so being the purest channel is essential.


When we ignore one or more of these chambers we become a car with only 3 wheels, yes it might drive, however, the process is going to be difficult, uncomfortable, and unsteady, and eventually, other parts of the car are going to start to overcompensate and fail.


Our bodies are no different, in alignment with all chambers we are functioning optimally, in balance, and flow with life, remove any of these chambers or ignore any of them and we are now no longer functioning in harmony.


Chambers out of balance can look like:


  • Regularly praying to God yet having a severe debilitating addiction.

  • Having a perfect body but being completely depressed and anxious.

  • Exercising regularly but never losing weight.

  • Living a dream life yet being suicidal.

  • Sleeping well yet still being exhausted.

  • Eating well but never getting healthy.


Recognizing that you are the only one capable of supporting all 4 chambers of vitality, it is your responsibility to check in with yourself and be honest and real as to how you are doing.

Balanced Spiritual Life

Recognizing that a lack of support in one area could be contributing to a negative symptom in another and that when you do this you transform from a 3-wheeler to a fully functioning motorized vehicle with a maintenance and service plan, ready and raring to go: firing on all 4 cylinders.


Candace Tozer, Soul Aligned Quantum Life Coach

Candace Tozer is a uniquely gifted soul aligned quantum life coach, her passion lies in seeing her clients thrive not just survive, moving them out of the mindset and embodiment of limitation into the realm of possibility. Candace’s coaching focuses on teaching her clients to embody spirituality at the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level, ensuring an all-encompassing experience and a holistically sustainable way of being in everyday life. Candace shares the tools needed to reconnect and establish a deeper connection to one’s true self. Session areas of focus on cultivating a connection to presence, meditation, breathwork, nervous system regulation, detox and the art of alchemy.



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