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Stop Saying Yes To The Wrong Clients & Projects Just To Get Paid

Written by: Emily Bissen, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Emily Bissen

As an entrepreneur, it can be tempting to take on any and every opportunity that comes your way. After all, saying yes to every request can seem like a surefire way to grow your business and increase your bottom line. However, it's important to remember that saying yes to everything can also drain your energy and leave you feeling burnt out and uninspired.

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To truly succeed as a business owner, it's crucial to work in alignment with your energy and passion. This means taking on projects and clients that excite and energize you, rather than just those that offer the biggest paycheck.

Working in alignment with your energy and passion can have a number of benefits for your business.

  1. It can help you stay motivated and focused, even when the going gets tough. When you're working on projects that you truly care about, it's easier to stay engaged and motivated, even in the face of setbacks or challenges.

  2. Working in alignment with your energy and passion can help you attract more of the types of clients and projects you truly want. When you're enthusiastic and passionate about what you're doing, it's easier to convey that energy to others, which can help attract like-minded clients and collaborators.

Of course, it's not always easy to say no to opportunities that don't align with your energy and passion. After all, turning down potential business can be scary, especially when you're first starting out.

However, it's important to remember that saying no to one opportunity doesn't necessarily mean saying no to all opportunities. By turning down projects and clients that don't align with your energy and passion, you're actually making room for new and exciting opportunities to come your way.

So, how can you ensure that you're working in alignment with your energy and passion as a business owner? Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Get clear on your values and priorities. Before you can start saying yes to opportunities that align with your energy and passion, you need to know what those things are. Take some time to reflect on your values and priorities, both personally and professionally. What really matters to you? What are you most passionate about? Once you have a clear sense of these things, it will be easier to identify opportunities that align with them.

  2. Learn to trust your intuition. Sometimes, the best opportunities aren't the ones that make the most logical sense. Instead, they're the ones that just feel right. Learning to trust your intuition and gut instincts can help you identify opportunities that truly align, even if they don't seem like the most obvious choices.

  3. Set boundaries. Saying no to opportunities that aren’t in alignment can be tough, especially when you're just starting out. However, setting clear boundaries around your time and energy can help you make more intentional choices about the projects and clients you take on. For example, you might set a rule that you'll only take on projects that align with your values or that truly excite you.

  4. Practice self-care. Finally, it's important to take care of yourself as a business owner. When you're working in alignment with your energy and passion, it's easy to get swept up in the excitement and lose sight of your own needs. However, taking time to rest, recharge, and prioritize your own self-care can help you maintain your energy and enthusiasm over the long term.

The moral of the story is, working in alignment with your energy and Zone of Genius as a business owner can be challenging, but it's ultimately essential for long-term success and fulfillment. By taking the time to get clear on your values, trust your intuition, set boundaries, and practice self-care, you can create a business that truly lights you up and makes a positive impact in the world.

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Emily Bissen Brainz Magazine

Emily Bissen, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

When it comes to connections, conversations, and having fun making things happen, Emily Bissen your gal. She created this business to help founders, business development, and sales professionals find the right strategies that help them connect with their ideal prospects with success and ease.


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