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Stop Hunting For Clients

Written by: Abigail Tiefenthaler, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


If I never see another, “How do I find clients?” post on social media it will be too soon.

Business building is not about finding clients. Business building is about clients finding you. Business building is about starting conversations that are relevant to your ideal client and encouraging them to engage and get to know you.

Don’t want to appear salesy all the time?

Stop selling your services every time someone posts “I’m looking for…”!

Tired of only talking to tire-kickers who opt into your strategy or discovery call just for that one magic nugget so they can tell themselves they tried to make their business work?

Stop coaching clients during your sales calls!

The most successful business owners don’t hunt for clients, they plant seeds and gather. They fish. They lure clients into their world with authenticity, transparency, relevant information, and space for their prospects to come to their own decision, in their own time to say, “I want to know more.”

This is relationship marketing. This is conversational sales.

This is a brand building and business building that gets consistent results. Slowly. Patiently. And successfully.

It isn’t hunting and pecking for clients. Because if you’re only hunting for business you’re not using marketing effectively. And you’re always in sales mode.

The truth is if you want a thriving business you need to be able to use marketing to bring prospects into sales conversations, and sales conversations to close clients.

No clients = no sales.

No sales = no business.

You need marketing and you need sales. They go hand in hand. They’re the one-two punch that builds successful businesses. Every successful business owner knows they need both marketing and sales support and that they need to work together to work.

Stop thinking you can market without selling. Stop thinking you can sell without marketing. Stop thinking you can build a business without either. Both marketing and sales are honorable steps in business building. These steps are strategic. These steps are expected. These steps are required.

And please, stop kidding yourself that clients will magically appear if you simply tell people what you do. They won’t.

And please, stop believing that hunting for clients will work long-term. It won’t.

Today’s super crowded social media, speaking, and networking platforms require you to be strategic, consistent, persistent, and solutions-focused. Clients need to know you, like you, and trust you which means you must develop a relationship with them first.

Commit. Find your courage. Show up confidently, authentically, and with purpose. Plant seeds.

Gather people. And then, you’ll have a chance that your ideal client finds you. And once they find you give them a reason to stay in your world. Give them a reason to know you. Give them a reason to want to work with you. And they will.

To your success!

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Abigail Tiefenthaler, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Abigail Tiefenthaler, known as the “Launch and Leverage Strategist,” is the Co-Founder of Savvy Sales Strategy, a marketing and sales agency that works with professional coaches, speakers, and consultants who are ready to minimize start-up struggles, leverage their expertise, and get online clients consistently, so they can spend more time doing what they love, in both business and life.

With over a decade in the fast-paced corporate world of advertising, Abigail honed her strategic branding and marketing skills, working with prestigious clients such as Mrs. Smith’s, AT&T, Hershey Foods, and Kodak. Through these experiences, she learned that a hospitality approach created connections between companies and clients and that team member working in their zone of genius translated to more efficient and effective results.

Abigail has a deep respect for business fundamentals and how the development and implementation of those are critical for a successful business. As the Owner of Sunshine Promotions, a company she started in 1997, she applied these, enabling her to hit the one-million-dollar revenue mark at the end of her second year in operation. Today, she is passionate about helping business owners create a solid foundation to support their biggest dreams.

In 2019, after several years of working together through their individual businesses, Abigail partnered with Tami Crea and founded Savvy Sales Strategy, an agency that closes the loop between marketing and sales and moves coaches, speakers, and consultants into the six and seven-figure revenue arenas through brand strategy, messaging, and a pathway to create revenue and results, her clients say her practical, no-nonsense approach provides them with clarity on what they want to do and why they want to do it, shifting them from being practitioners of their expertise to a powerhouse professional and ultimately, fully stepping into the role of bona fide Business Owner.

When not working, Abigail loves traveling and renovating homes. She can be reached at or 954-804-9413.



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