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Sports Giant ESPN Is To Launch Its Own Streaming Service

ESPN is to launch its own flagship streaming service in the autumn next year. It will offer consumers all of the current programming but also “…feature new personalisation and integration with ESPN’s fantasy platforms and ESPN Bet”, reports CNBC.

The announcement was made by Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, which owns ESPN, in an interview and comes after a statement was released by Disney that it has “reached an understanding” with FOX and Warner Bros. Discovery “to form a new Joint Venture to build an innovative new platform to house a compelling streaming sports service.” This service will be available from autumn this year. 

CNBC adds that prices haven’t been announced for either new service as yet. The news channel added: “Disney already has a sports streaming service in ESPN+, which ended the quarter with 25.2 million subscribers, down from 26 million a quarter ago. ESPN+ only has some of ESPN’s content and doesn’t include the network’s most popular live sports, including the full suite of Monday Night Football.”

Iger added in the interview that the two offerings are very different and will appeal to different types of sports fans. 



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