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Riding The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster – Navigating The Highs And Lows Of Self-Employment

Written by: Emily Bissen, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Emily Bissen

Imagine this: you decide to take the plunge into the world of self-employment, chasing your dreams with all the energy of a kid on a sugar rush. You start your own business, and initially, it's like you're riding a rocket fueled by excitement. But then, out of nowhere, life throws you a curveball, and suddenly, you're stuck in a funk, questioning your life choices and contemplating going back to a traditional 9-5. Welcome to the crazy rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, my friend! But fear not; in this article, we're going to explore the ups and downs of being your own boss and how to bounce back from those pesky funks with style and resilience.

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The thrill of the climb

Remember the moment you decided to go for it and start your own business? It was like a lightning bolt of excitement and hope struck you, right? Your passion was on fire, and you tackled every challenge with the enthusiasm of a kid tearing into a birthday present.

But here's the thing: the entrepreneurial journey isn't a straight path. It's more like a crazy, twisty road with surprises at every turn, kind of like a rollercoaster. It has its moments when you're soaring high and moments when you feel like you're hanging on for dear life in a dark pit of despair.

The good news is, you don’t stay there for very long before you’re back up riding the highs again.

The entrepreneurial rollercoaster

The Rollercoaster (noun): A wild ride with thrilling highs and terrifying lows, sometimes in rapid succession.

Ah, yes, the rollercoaster. This is when your business goes from feeling like it's on top of the world to feeling like it's stuck in quicksand. Sales drop, clients ghost you, and suddenly, your once-shiny dream feels frustrating and like trudging up a hill in knee-deep snow. It's tough, but even the most successful entrepreneurs have faced these plunges.

How to get out of the funk

Embrace Failure as a Badge of Honor: Remember, failing doesn't make you a failure. It makes you someone who's daring enough to try. And take every “failure” as a lesson. Learn from the things that don’t work and tweak them as you go. Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb on his first try, right?

Rethink Your Game Plan: Take a breather and figure out what's not working. Maybe your marketing needs a makeover, or perhaps you need to switch gears entirely. Be flexible and adapt to keep moving forward. The first iteration of your business will likely not be what you end up with, and that’s okay. Trust the process and lean into what feels good.

Fuel Your Fire: Dive into success stories of fellow entrepreneurs who've been in the same boat. Hearing about their comebacks can reignite your own motivation. And ask about the hard stuff too. We tend to only hear about the shiny bits and it’s the tough lessons we will learn from most.

Lean on Your Support System: Connect with mentors, business groups, or friends who understand the wild ride of entrepreneurship. They'll be there to offer guidance and lend a sympathetic ear when things get tough.

Take Breaks: Self-Care Isn't a Luxury, it’s a Necessity. When you're in a funk, it's easy to neglect yourself. But remember, you're the engine of your business. Take care of your physical and mental health, and you'll find it easier to bounce back. And when you keep pushing when you’re meant to rest, nothing works as it should. Take a break. Recharge your batteries and get those creative juices flowing again.

The thrill of the flow

The Flow (noun): A period of intense productivity, creativity, and success, often following a period of struggle or stagnation.

After navigating the dips and dives of the entrepreneurial rollercoaster, you'll eventually hit the flow, and it's like reaching the summit and screaming down the other side. Suddenly, everything clicks, and your business starts to thrive. You're landing clients, making sales, and achieving milestones that make you feel like a rock star.

How to stay grounded in the flow

Avoid the Complacency Trap: Success is fantastic, but don't get too comfy. Keep pushing yourself and seeking ways to grow and innovate. You are capable of so much and you’ve already established yourself as a thought leader, your audience wants to know what else you can bring to the table to serve them.

Mind Your Money: During the good times, it's tempting to splurge on all sorts of things. But remember, saving and financial stability are crucial for riding out the next downturn. Using the Profit First method has helped me tremendously in staying within my budget and making sure that I am paying myself, while also saving for the future.

Take Notes on What's Working: When you're in the flow, jot down what's making your business succeed. These notes can be your lifeline when you hit the next bump in the road.

The entrepreneurial journey is like a rollercoaster ride through a theme park of emotions. You'll have moments when you're flying high and moments when you're gripping the safety bar for dear life. But remember, it's all part of the adventure. The ups and downs of self-employment make you stronger, smarter, and more resilient. So, fasten your seatbelt, my fellow entrepreneur, and enjoy the ride. Because in the end, the thrill of the climb makes every twist and turn worthwhile.

If you are looking to hone your business development and sales strategy and would like to learn more about how we could help you overcome your challenges and find your flow, follow me on LinkedIn, or visit my website for more info!

Emily Bissen Brainz Magazine

Emily Bissen, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

When it comes to connections, conversations, and having fun making things happen, Emily Bissen your gal. She created this business to help founders, business development, and sales professionals find the right strategies that help them connect with their ideal prospects with success and ease.


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