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Revolutionise Your Leadership – Why Conventional Approaches Are Holding You Back

Written by: Camilla Hasloch, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Camilla Hasloch

In the realm of leadership, conventional wisdom often dictates following a rigid set of rules and procedures, adhering strictly to organisational hierarchies and standardised protocols. However, this traditional approach, while once perceived as the pathway to leadership success, may actually be stifling innovation and hindering your modern leadership effectiveness.

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The pitfalls of conventional leadership

Enforcing rigid rules and standardised procedures in the modern work environment can establish a sense of predictability and orderliness. However, this approach often comes at the expense of stifling your own and your team’s creativity, innovation and adaptability. When your team is bound by strict protocols and guidelines, they feel constrained in their ability to explore new ideas, experiment with different approaches and challenge the status quo. As a result, the team becomes complacent, resistant to change and unable to respond effectively to evolving workplace challenges and opportunities. Therefore, while structure and consistency are important elements of effective traditional management, as a modern leader, you must also prioritise fostering a culture that encourages flexibility, open-mindedness and a willingness to embrace change to drive continued leadership growth and success.

A strict adherence to organisational reporting relationships inadvertently fosters a culture of rigidity and inflexibility within your leadership approaches. When leaders prioritise hierarchical structures and traditional reporting lines, they overlook valuable insights and perspectives from individuals outside their immediate spheres of influence. This narrow focus on hierarchy can stifle collaboration, creativity and innovation, as team members may feel hesitant to challenge authority or suggest alternative solutions. As a result, your leadership becomes less agile and responsive to changing circumstances, hindering yours and your team's ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic modern environments.

Lastly, an over-reliance on doing things "by the traditional book" can inadvertently stifle problem-solving capabilities. When leaders adhere strictly to established protocols and traditional methods, they overlook opportunities for innovation and fail to adapt to evolving challenges. This adherence to the status quo can create a culture of complacency where creativity is stifled and employees feel discouraged from thinking outside the box or proposing novel solutions. As a result, a “this is the way we do things” culture struggles to address complex issues effectively and falls behind competitors who embrace a more agile and innovative approach. To foster a culture of innovation and agility, as a modern leader, you should encourage experimentation, embrace calculated risk-taking and create a safe space for employees to explore new ideas.

The impact on your leadership success

Leaders who are reliant on traditional conventional approaches will find themselves ill-equipped to navigate evolving challenges. Relying solely on established norms and practices can limit one's ability to inspire and motivate teams, build meaningful relationships and drive organisational change. Conventional leaders who cling to traditional methods will struggle to navigate evolving industry dynamics and lack the agility and inventiveness required for exhibiting adaptability, creative thinking and a drive for innovation. Consequently, such leaders may find themselves sidelined for promotions or facing limited avenues for career progression. In today's competitive landscape, marked by a premium on agility and innovation, leaders must embrace fresh perspectives and approaches to stay relevant and unlock their full potential for career advancement.

Embracing new perspectives

Encouraging a culture of innovation and creativity within your team or organisation is essential for staying competitive and fostering your leadership growth. Lead by example demonstrate openness to new ideas and willingness to experiment. Create a safe environment where team members feel empowered to share their thoughts and take calculated risks without fear of judgement. Foster collaboration by facilitating brainstorming sessions and encouraging diverse perspectives. Provide resources and support for professional development, allowing team members to explore new skills and approaches. Celebrate successes and learn from failures, emphasising the importance of iteration and continuous improvement. By prioritising innovation and creativity, you can inspire your team to push boundaries, think outside the box and drive positive change within your organisation.

Navigating a situation where a conventional leader is part of the team requires openness and strategic leadership. It's essential to acknowledge the value of the leader's experience and commitment to traditional methods while gently introducing them to innovative approaches. Encourage open dialogue and provide opportunities for the leader to witness the success of modern strategies through case studies or pilot projects. Lead by example, demonstrating the benefits of embracing change and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Offer Leadership coaching and resources for professional development tailored to the leader's needs, ensuring they feel valued and empowered to adapt.

In conclusion, while conventional leadership approaches may have served their purpose in the past, they are no longer sufficient in today's corporate landscape. By breaking free from the constraints of traditional conventional leadership thinking and embracing a more innovative and adaptable leadership style, you can position yourself for greater career success and drive positive change within your organisation.

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Camilla Hasloch Brainz Magazine

Camilla Hasloch, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Camilla Hasloch, is the visionary founder of Glassceilingcareermanagement. With a passion for unconventional career development, Camilla offers a unique blend of one on one coaching, online courses, and a thriving community that focuses on helping individuals discover their true professional calling. She combines life and career development coaching for her clients to truly recognise who they are and what that looks like in a satisfying career.



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