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Puma Recycles Football Jerseys And Manchester City Players Show Off The New Tops

Written by: Katie Scott, Business Reporter


Manchester City players sported jerseys made from old footballs tops ahead of the Men’s 5-1 thrashing of Watford and the Women’s defeat of Everton.

The garments were made for Puma’s latest sustainability pledge RE: JERSEY. It will accept all apparel brands though clothes have to be 100 percent polyester and freshly washed. It will not accept underwear, socks, footwear or swimwear.

Manchester City detailed “The RE:JERSEY project" aims to reduce waste and pave the way towards more recycled production models in the future. While Puma’s football kits on the market today are already made from 100 percent recycled polyester, the RE:JERSEY shirts worn are made with 75 percent repurposed football jerseys. The remaining 25 percent comes from Seaqual Marine plastics - made from marine litter collected around the world.

The old jerseys are collected, shredded and then dissolved. The resultant solution is then filtered and then polymerisation takes place. The resultant plastic is chopped, melted, spun into strands then texturised before being knitted into new tops and dyed. This is Puma’s first garment-to-garment initiative.



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