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Personal Integrity Creates Positive Change

Written by: Nancy Hovde, Executive Contributor

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A positive change can happen in your business and your life when you choose to come from a place of personal integrity. When we focus on coming from a place of integrity, we are in alignment with our values, our company’s mission, business vision, and our personal message, and this allows us to be our most authentic self, both in life and in business. When we choose integrity, we are also choosing to create a meaningful purpose and a fulfilling life.

You may be familiar with the general definition of integrity, which is the quality of having strong ethical or moral principles and following them at all times, no matter who's watching.

However, defining your personal integrity is, well, unique to you. For example, personal integrity for some could mean being truthful and honest with yourself and accepting yourself and others, intentionally aligning your actions with your behavior and what is ethically right. Our personal integrity requires personal choice and commitment to align ourselves and stay consistent with our personal values so that when we speak, we mean what we say.

While both of these definitions of integrity can provide helpful insight, it can be inspiring to reflect on personal integrity and on your definition of what integrity means to you; your personal integrity.

Choosing integrity is admirable, but it also shows courage — Courage to be who you truly are. Sometimes we may feel out of alignment or that we need to get back on track. There are some simple but key emotions we can learn to recognize that will help us know when we are off track and when we are in alignment and living with our personal integrity. For example:

  • Emotions that communicate when we are off track, we may feel discouraged, let down, and begin to have what is known as negative self-talk. Mentally, we may feel a lack of clarity, it can be hard to focus, and our thought process takes more energy.

  • Emotions that communicate when we are on track, we generally feel in the flow, energized, peaceful, joyful, fulfilled, and living our purpose. Mentally, we may experience thoughts that connect us to the right resources, the right people, and at the right time. We tend to have more clarity, and things just make more sense.

When our behavior does not match our words, goals, or intentions, then we are out of alignment with our integrity. Using these powerful tips below can help create a positive shift in our lives and our business.

  • Sometimes to get our life back on track, we need to reflect a bit and review anything that could be omitted, such as certain habits, people, work, or certain things we are attached to that are actually not positively serving us.

  • We can then replace what we let go of with new, positive habits, practices, and actions aligned with our focus and life purpose. Sometimes even new connections with the right people will help support us and keep us in alignment with our integrity.

  • Lastly, we need to maintain accountability for our actions by remembering that most things in life come from our choices.

Ramping things up with personal integrity, try asking yourself what are your personal intentions, set of rules, or expectations? Those personal expectations that you choose to live in your life and they have deep meaning to you. These are personal intentions because they are not set or required by others, but they are expectations we hold ourselves accountable for. When we are aligned with the intentions or expectations we’ve set for ourselves, we know it because we feel fulfilled with our progress and goals. For example, personal intentions might include:

Someone who values optimal wellness may set a personal expectation or intention to make time for exercise each day and choose to select nourishing meals. They hold themselves accountable.

Someone who values quality conversations with colleagues and friends may set a personal intention to be fully present when talking (limit distractions, fully listen without any personal agenda for the conversation, refrain from interrupting).

When we are aligned with what we say and what we do, we have integrity with ourselves, our business, our vision, and this is when success has the greatest potential. Life is more meaningful and fulfilling!

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Nancy Hovde, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Nancy is a leading Life Empowerment Coach who has combined her professional background, credentials, personal experience, knowledge, and insight to inspire and motivate those who wish to create positive change. For over 15 years, she has empowered clients who desire positive change with career/life purpose, personal growth, or wellness goals. Nancy will help you discover how true change can happen when we use our time and resources to develop our minds and spirits, examine our values, and let go of issues that hold us back. She inspires and guides clients to live their optimal life through her books, blog posts, articles, and coaching services. Nancy is the author of Uber Empowerment and Uber Empowerment Quotes: 500 Inspirational Quotes for Knowledge, Insight & Wisdom. Her credentials include Certified Life Coach, B.A. Interpersonal Communication, Stress Management Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist, and Certified Personal Trainer.



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