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Nurturing Generational Health And Combating Chronic Inflammation – An Interview With Jade Padlan

Jade Padlan is a Registered Nurse and Family Health Educator. As the visionary founder of Anti-Inflammatory Living, her ultimate mission is to build generational health. Jade discovered the power of healthy habits to overcome years of pain and autoimmune issues. Jade now guides other moms to relieve their symptoms naturally, and empowers them to teach their kids, so they can lead long and fulfilling lives. With a foundation built on personal experience and a deep understanding of the impact of inflammation, Jade is reshaping wellness paradigms for a balanced lifestyle. Guided by self-love and faith, Jade inspires a holistic approach, reminding us that a healthy mom is at the heart of a thriving family.

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Jade Padlan, Registered Nurse & Family Health Educator

Introduce yourself! Tell us a little about who you are, where you're from, and your interests.

Hi, I'm Jade. I'm a wife and mama of 2 girls and a cat. I was born and raised in California in the United States. I work as a Registered Nurse, and my educational background and other work experiences revolved around child and developmental psychology, pharmacy, holistic, integrative health, and women's and family health. I am the proud founder of Anti-Inflammatory Living, LLC, author of Anti-Inflammatory Family Health Planner, and creator of Healthy Food Flashcards for Kids (both now available on Amazon). I like doing simple things that bring me joy, such as hiking with my family, watching my little girls grow, and trying new foods with my husband. I love music that speaks to my soul – from Christian to pop and R&B. I believe we all need a little Disney magic. And I love reading all the books that help me grow and learn new things. What is your business philosophy? What makes you different?

I'm on a mission to empower health-driven women like you to build generational HEALTH. We do this by fighting the root cause of your chronic illness and symptoms and, most importantly, preventing your kids from suffering the same future.

Lotus symbol

Our brand symbol is a lotus flower with a flame in the middle that says it all. A lotus flower is historically praised for its ability to thrive and rise from difficult conditions. It is resilient and can bloom despite adversity, which is a symbol of strength and determination. I believe every woman can grow and blossom from life's adversity. The flame in the middle represents the chronic inflammation many of us are plagued with. Chronic inflammation is causing a disturbance around the world. It can manifest differently among people, such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, depression, Alzheimer's, cancer, and more. However, by transforming our lifestyle and nutrition habits, that chronic inflammation, or that fire within you, can be tamed. Every life experience has shaped who you are today, and if the outcome is causing you pain or dissatisfaction, you still absolutely have the power to change your story and live a vibrant and fulfilling life. We offer coaching services and a membership to guide health-driven women to learn the root causes of their inflammatory symptoms and build resilience against them. We use a holistic, integrative approach that builds massive self-awareness rooted in self-love and faith. We are in constant pursuit of attaining joy and a healthy balance in everything we do. By doing this, your body can return to a state of wellness, which can also set a solid foundation to fight fatigue, stress, and weight problems, eat healthier, and achieve your overall health goals. Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

I lived with chronic inflammation my whole life. I was that baby with severe eczema and allergies. I had my first migraine at nine years old and joint pains shortly after. Over a decade later, my chronic inflammatory symptoms and lifestyle put me on a road filled with depression, anxiety, weight problems, fibromyalgia, and an autoimmune disease. In my early 20s, I was on many medications, only getting worse. My doctor recommended that I lose weight to improve my symptoms. So, I struggled with yo-yo dieting for several years and fell into all the fad diets and supplements. This only worsened things, as I was left with food fears and an unhealthy relationship with food due to conflicting diet trends and misleading food labels. The fibromyalgia, migraines, fatigue, autoimmune pains, and flare-ups were out of control and would leave me in bed for days. Then, I had my first child. The pains and fatigue grew exponentially, and I couldn't just lay around in bed anymore. I had another little human being to take care of.

This was when I had to learn what it takes to get my symptoms under control. But most of all, I was terrified that I would pass my autoimmune disease and inflammatory symptoms down to my kids. So, I made it my mission to learn all the natural things I can do to reduce chronic inflammation, improve my symptoms, and, most of all, teach my kids all the healthy habits so they don't grow up suffering the same symptoms.

What advice would you give our readers looking to improve their chronic inflammation? What is one simple, actionable step they can take right away?

First, always start with a consult with your healthcare provider, of course. Then, I would have you recognize that reducing chronic inflammation and its symptoms involves committing to long-term lifestyle changes. It is essential to be patient and consistent in your efforts to be successful. I discuss this in-depth in one of my most watched masterclasses, The 4 Foundational Principles That Will Revolutionize Your Battle Against Inflammation That No One Talks About. Sign up here to access this FREE masterclass.

It's easy to find many tips and articles on relieving chronic inflammation involving weight loss, restrictive dieting, stress relief, and all the supplements, nowadays.

But even then, many of those tips and articles often contradict each other. So, instead of jumping on the train to make significant lifestyle changes on your own, the first thing recommended for long-term success is building your community.

Find your people! When you find or create a tribe full of like-minded women on a similar journey as you, it can significantly enhance your ability to make sustainable health changes. The collective effort, shared knowledge, emotional support, and a sense of belonging can make the journey more enjoyable and achievable.

We live in a world where we can either be more isolated or connected than ever. And this has a significant impact on inflammation! Find your tribe within your friends and family, your co-workers, online groups (Facebook community), local mom's groups, and more. You got this!

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