Is It Time To Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy? — Here’s How To Know

Updated: Jul 1

Written by: Moniek James, Executive Contributor

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Having a digital marketing strategy can be the key to building an effective online presence that brings in the leads and sales you need. The combination of platforms that creates awareness, traffic, and community is game-changing for every business owner who chooses to leverage it. But what happens if your business needs change? How do you know if it’s time for a new approach? What if things are going well, but you want to see more growth? It may be time to revamp your digital marketing strategy.

Having an ineffective strategy is just as bad as not having a strategy at all (in my opinion), but it can be hard to know if it’s time for a change. Digital marketing can be the key to building an effective online presence that brings in the leads and sales you need. To help you figure out if it’s time to update your strategy, there are a few questions to ask and answer that can clear things up for you.

How much time does it take to implement your digital marketing strategy? If you find that your marketing activities are requiring more and more of your time, there may be room for you to improve your productivity with tools or updated workflows. This may also be an opportunity to recognize if it’s time to hire or adjust the duties and responsibilities of your team.

Next, take a look at your current digital marketing strategy. How effective is it for supporting your business goals? Are your goals clearly stated in your strategy to maintain accountability and focus? Are you following a blueprint that is allowing you to connect with more of your intended customers? Are you building the reputation and awareness that you want for your business online? If your strategy doesn’t include performance measures, how can you know whether it’s working or not?

Finally, are you willing and able to change? Are you open to doing what’s necessary in order to grow your business? Once you’re aware that your digital marketing strategy isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do for your business, it’s your responsibility to course-correct, but change is hard and doesn’t happen overnight.

Consider how the needs, habits, and interests of your audience have changed within the past year. As a leader, you have an opportunity to meet them where they are with your offer, but you’ll have to choose to grow.

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