Instagram Story Views Down? We Know Why!

Written by: Karen Yee, Executive Contributor

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Last month on my blog, I wrote a post about Instagram’s new rollout- Reels, to compete with TikTok. You can engage with their followers by creating 15-second videos sharing inspiration, tips, funny clips, to name a few.

Now, users worldwide are reporting that their story views have been down as much as 50% just in the past couple of weeks. Sadly, Reels is definitely the culprit.

So, how does this impact your views?

Well, one of the biggest reason is:

Instagram is pushing “Reels” in the feed algorithm a lot more and on the Explore Page. If you scroll to your explore page, you’ll notice that you’ll rarely see stories and IG TV anymore. This shift on the app is causing everyone’s story views to drop and pull their hairs out.

So what now?

Double down on your Reels marketing strategy NOW!

That’s right. You heard it from me here – now is the time to really focus on this change by Instagram and amplify your engagement and followers.

I’ve noticed that the early adopters for ANY new feature on Instagram will always be rewarded as the algorithm favors those who are pushing it.

Since there is fairly new, there is VERY little competition when it comes to Reels.

So start growing your IG audience today with Reels, and don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to really take your page to the next level!

For useful tips on how to create Instagram Reels that make an impact, you can learn more here.

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Karen Yee, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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