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How To Win An Awards Submission As An Empath ‒ Exclusive Interview With Mell Balment

Recently one of our executive contributors won not 1 but 2 awards in the last week, so we invited in her for a chat about her recent wins to share some of her success.

Mell B delighted us with not just her success strategies as a coach whose specialist subject matter is empathy for leaders, but also her journey to her being a trusted advisor and leading authority for empathic leaders and teams.

She shares a bunch of tools and other free resources to support your empathic journey through life, which is really helpful if you aren’t sure if you are one or not.

Mell Balment, Mindset Mentor & Quantum Healer

Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

Hi, I'm Mell B - my surname is too tricky for people to remember, haha - a quantum mindset-mentor. I’ve been called a trail-blazer and vivacious speaker and I guess I am full of life regardless of the experiences I’ve lived through which is a lot by most people’s standards!

Each time I faced my trifecta of trauma, was by mastering my BS - you know, the Belief System that feeds our fears. My life stories exemplify that great leaders are bolder by overcoming the mess and BS they've lived through, not rolling over and becoming a victim to the circumstances around us. I’ve discovered I’m always stronger and happier with this approach to the myriad of challenges, life throws at us.

You’re a coach Mell, who do you work with?

I've supported 650 empathic business owners, franchises and leaders, to Hack their Deep Beliefs. My favourite thing is guiding them to sail through the energetic chaos of their mind-storms also known as traumatic experiences or emotional overwhelm to command their empathic ships.

I just want to add, most people think trauma is a horrifying or life threatening experience but it doesn’t have to be.

Being laughed at when telling a story to your 6-year-old class mates, is also traumatic enough for a belief about ‘what it means about ourselves’ to be locked in. We store that memory and associated embarrassed feelings in our subconscious and continue with the belief throughout our lives.

You mentioned ‘mindstorms’ before, can you tell me a bit more about them?

My work with clients is about resetting, reframing or adjusting our automatic neuro systems, which is a fancy way of saying ‘adjusting the way your mind thinks and operates from that thinking’. Specifically, our sub and unconscious memories and associated unhelpful emotions that play out in our daily lives. A mindstorm is the conflict between the negative subconscious chatter versus what we are trying to accomplish.

What all of that means is that I help a client with something that isn’t working in their business life such as recording social media videos or applying for awards and help them identify what belief is stored from an earlier experience so they can do what needs to be done without being blocked or self sabotaging.

Share with us the awards you recently won.

Well first it was only 1 win and a third place, but I am very proud of both.

I’m part of a speaking community based in Canada called Speaker Slam and they ran a competition to find the best speaking personal brand. I finished third after creating a positioning graphic and then delivered a 2 min pitch about what I do. I had an added challenge as I lost my voice that week and had to pre-record my pitch so I could turn up the volume – I sounded like a chipmunk!

The second was International Coach Of The Year. There were over 200 applicants with 48 finalists, so to win outright is a massive honour. I was told that part of being successful was my contribution to the coaching service industry, my community and supporting others.

TIP! My advice to other coaches, is to keep track of the pro-bono work you do by using a separate booking link that can provide evidence of your charitable efforts. I’ve been doing this since the start and I definitely think it’s an important part of not only supporting those less advantaged, but also for our own benefit.

Is this your first time applying for awards, if not how have you fared previously?

To be honest I’ve never won outright previously. I’ve placed third a couple times in the Stevies, been a finalist in several more including Small Business Champions and The Accolades. I’ve also been recognised as Top 10 Energy Healers globally, and in fully transparency, on the flipside, I paid to be considered by Yahoo Global for the Top 1% of Leadership Coaches in Australia – which I did qualify to be included.

That’s an Impressive collection, how long has it taken to accomplish this?

I make it a focus to apply for and at least be a finalist in 1 award every year. I’ve accomplished this since 2019. To submit a great application takes a lot of time and effort, so I found this approach of 1 per year makes it less draining than constantly applying for award after award.

How did you get into coaching in the first place?

I started coaching half way through 2017 (2 years after sailing out on my initial business ventures) that’s 6 years of coaching. I kinda fell into it after a series of life events that pointed me in the right direction.

I was made unemployed from my corporate role and decided I wanted to get into my own business as an events manager – I loved the concept of setting up marriage proposals.

That started me coaching men to understand their future wives, which led to coaching single men, which led to coaching relationships which then finally led to personal success coaching.

Sometimes we have to follow the markers to reach our final harbour.

I hear you using sailing or boating terms a lot why is that?

Oh I have a deep love of the ocean, I’m sure I must have been an Atlantean in a previous life, and want to take part in a Sydney to Hobart race one year. Simply, I love the concept of entrepreneurSHIP so it makes sense to use sailing metaphors.

Is there a favourite type of problem you solve and why empaths?

Empathic leaders and creatives are my all-time favourite people in the world, which made sense when I discovered I am a multi-empath myself.

People who energetically connect with the thoughts, feelings and world around them are Empaths... no matter what industry they work in or the level they're at, empaths are in every walk of life. And I love helping people pleasers that are drowning with energetic overwhelm.

I remember the day as if it were last month. Learning that I was wrong, I hadn’t been living with mild anxiety all my life, I was just able to feel many emotions and energies around me.

Since then, I’ve learned to manage how much my multiple sensory receivers pick up. Now I teach and support others - that may not realise they are empaths - how to manage emotions as an empath by identifying, isolating and filtering out the different sensations and emotions they are experiencing.

Often labelled as overly-sensitive people, I want to break the stigma to help them learn that this is incorrect stereotyping.

There are two reasons for this.

  1. They are indeed sensitive, having highly tuned sensors, they pick up the signals and energies around them. However, the challenge is often they don’t realise they have untrained receivers (yes there can be more than 1).

  2. They also haven’t learned that a lot of what they are sensing and feeling can be filtered out, ie they can ‘stop’ how much information is being received.

I teach the tools, skills and hacks empaths need to learn about which signals they are susceptible to receiving, how to filter the senses that do get picked up and also how to purge the energetic overwhelm. Basically, as highly sensitive people they learn how to restore their energy.

I also created a quiz for empaths to discover which sensor receivers they may not be aware of, as well as the 9 types of empaths.

The great news for those that have been stereotyped in this way, is that highly sensitive people can become more empowered, powerful empaths. It turns out to be a strength as an advanced empath, not a curse.

Why did you choose to work with empaths?

As I said in my Coach of The Year Acceptance Speech, I believe coaches are the ones that improve humanity and I believe Empaths have the ability to compassionately relate to those that most need our help to Navigate Our Digital Age.

I support a mix of heart-centered leaders working on humanitarian projects to realise their ambitions; and working with Empaths that are struggling with their emotions and other light workers or coaches. Ultimately, they all want or need quantum healing to up-level their potential and impact in the world.

Those are my kind of people!

What is quantum healing?

Deepak Chopra wrote one of the first books on Mind Body Healing Quantum Healing.

In it, he talks about epigenetics and how we can reprogram the body with our mind. This laid down the scientific basis for a consciousness approach to self-regulation and healing.

Quantum is the smallest unit of energy, referred to as an electron. A quantum of consciousness is a thought or an intention.

Quantum healing is not a new science, in fact it’s now over 30 years old with this terminology anyway. It’s the process of altering non-serving, subconscious thoughts and intentions to be more aligned with desired results and goals.

Finding the thoughts and memories that are creating our triggers and undesired behaviours and changing them - or reframing them - into alternative perspectives, means our past does not dictate our future. My crappy start to life does not mean I’ve had a crappy life or only get a crappy future. Everything is a choice in this moment now. Our choice is a perception or perspective.

Generally, these un-serving thoughts - aka limiting beliefs - are set in our innocent early years, when the context isn't understood.

The magic of quantum healing is that it resolves every occasion from the very first occurrence, breaking the pattern of the issue from ever happening again! Each time we come across a similar situation, our new 'reframed' memory has shifted and the ‘trigger’ no longer exists.

I developed 'The Deep Belief Hacking' model to create powerful Quantum transformations as there is nearly always more than 1 aspect of the memory to address. It could be an emotional connection, memories stored in our body – many have experienced headaches or even locked away memories being released during a massage. I call these mindwebs.

The mindstorm is the conscious conflict of our brain and the mindwebs are all the neuro linkages and sticky traps that are anchoring the energy in place.

Another amazing beauty of my processes, is that you don't have to re-live the original trauma – which is a big fear of many and a real bug bear of mine, as it’s the old way of healing. Talk therapy definitely has it’s limits. I personally couldn’t sit through a single counselling session to address my childhood stuff (the thought of speaking about what happened to me was beyond my capabilities 18 years ago), and EFT and NLP only got me so far, the rest of my resolutions was all with energy and quantum work.

What many clients love is that I'm your guide and facilitator, they are in control of the session, which is very powerful for people who feel powerless in this area of life!

What’s next for you?

I’m focusing on my speaking business to share my Empathic Evolution series of keynotes and workshops to make further impact with leaders and their teams.

I previously wrote an article for Brainz specifically for using intuition as a leader and for business.

I'm also on a global mission to create 'The Empaths Embassy'. I’d love your readers to join my voyage to master their mindstorms with Empathic Intelligence.

How can people reach you to find out more?

I don’t do those yucky sales calls so if somebody wants to have a chat about their blocks or aspirations, they can book in for a 20min chat.

Or if they want to discover where they are using my impact assessment that is my gift in a 45 min breakthrough session. They can take what they learn from that to use on their own or go big on their dreams and have me support them in a program. So the conversation about working with me is completely separate.

Which is much better for empaths who feel icky alternative agendas on these usual types of ‘sales’ calls.

I’m also on most of the social platforms and I’ll give you all the links to add to the article if you wish.

If you’d like to reach out to Mell B the hyperlinks are in the paragraphs above or her social links are here.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and visit my website for more info!



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