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How To Start A Hypnotherapy Business Online?

Written by: Sibora Halili, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Before you choose how to promote your hypnotherapy business, consider if it would be helpful to specialize.

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To answer this, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Are people in your area searching for Hypnotherapy?

  2. What to do if there is no demand for Hypnotherapy?

Are people in your area searching for Hypnotherapy?

You can use Google's free keyword planner to see if there is sufficient search volume for Hypnotherapy in your area. If there is enough demand, you can start building your business by taking on local clients and becoming visible in your community. You can skip niching down for now.

Here is an example of Hypnotherapy in Leeds

Google My Business + Google Map listings are a great way to increase your local exposure. If you're close to the city center ‒ even better! You can call your business something like "Hypnotherapy Leeds City Centre." Then people who are near your location will see it on Google Maps. Plus, there's no charge for that. Your description should also include search terms that are related to your business.

I decided to use Leeds as an example because most of the local Hypnotherapists there are already doing this. By naming their business after a relevant search term (keyword), they "SEO-optimize" it and make it more likely to appear in search engines and maps. If you're lucky enough, you might live in an area where this strategy is relatively new among Hypnotherapists.

Do this if you want your Hypnotherapy business to appear in searches

  • Your business name needs to correlate with keywords people are searching for and your geographical location.

  • You can also use different maps, like Bing Places and Apple Maps, as well as online business directories, to register your business.

  • It works because proximity and relevance are key factors in ranking high on search engines. Another factor that affects your ranking is prominence, so be sure to get some Google reviews.

Here's a tip for using Google for more visibility

Google My Business postings are underrated! Your recent posts take up more space on the page, making your listing more visible. You can also use those posts to improve your SEO by including relevant keywords.

What to do if there is no demand for Hypnotherapy?

Because Hypnotherapy isn't a popular term where you live doesn't mean there's a lack of people who need it. You can still get clients, even in more rural areas ‒ they might use a different language to search for a solution like yours.

Reframing Your Hypnotherapy Service

If you want to reach more people, use language they will understand. So instead of focusing on Hypnotherapy, focus on what it can do for them. And here it is, every hypnotherapist's favorite topic: anxiety. But be aware, when you talk about anxiety ‒ be as specific as you can:

  • You can address specific fears, such as health anxiety or social anxiety, that may prevent people from functioning normally.

  • Or help those who suffer from severe panic attacks.

  • People who can't deal with a high-paced society and work expectations have anxiety about going to work.

  • Students may fear taking their exams.

Since anxiety is so prevalent, this could be an excellent way to help more people without considerably narrowing your business focus. Start by choosing something and using the terms your potential clients would use.

Hypnotherapy Advertising Expert

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Sibora Halili, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sibora Halili (short: Sibi) is a Hypnotherapy Marketing Expert. She first discovered Hypnotherapy from a client's perspective when she transitioned into motherhood. Experiencing the power of Hypnosis firsthand was a game-changer for Sibi. Now she helps Hypnotherapists find a profitable Hypnotherapy Niche. There is a lot of Myth and Misconception around Hypnosis. Sibi designs unique positioning strategies to overcome them. While everyone else jumps on Social Media, she focuses on Google Power Search. She helps Hypnotherapists reach untapped client pools and secure long-term business success. Sibi has a Master's in Digital Media Technologies and founded the Seabee Design Studio in 2015. Also, she's been teaching at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. Her story began in Vlorë, Albania. When Sibi was a toddler, her artistic family moved to Austria. Later, she lived in Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Norway. Today she's settled in the Austrian Alps with her family. Being multicultural, she loves working with clients worldwide.


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