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How To Recession-Proof Your Coaching Business – Attract More Sales And Thrive

Written by: Joanna Ingram, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Want to recession-proof your coaching or consulting business? Harvard Business Review and Accenture agree: when consumers are more cautious in their spending, they seek out brands they can trust those with resonant messaging that evoke an emotional connection. Read on to learn how to dial up your brand messaging to maximize your know, like, and trust factors, attract your ideal clients, and thrive through the economic downturn.

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As The Times reports, consumer confidence declines as prices rise. With increasing inflation, this is now reaching concerning levels. October 2022 reports reveal that consumer confidence is at an all-time low, with 58% of people seeking to save money [Source: Deloitte Consumer Confidence Report 2022].

That said, there is still a high demand for the services of coaches and consultants as consumers continue to strive for the key steps to happiness: physical health, mental well-being, strong personal relationships, and feeling that their life has meaning (as reported by IPSOS Global Happiness 2022).

How To Thrive

We know that attracting clients is a priority, and attracting ideal clients with magnetic brand messaging is becoming more and more desirable. And this means differentiating and standing out from the crowd is essential if you want your business to thrive.

The Harvard Business Review reported that:

'Reassuring messages that reinforce an emotional connection with the brand and demonstrate empathy are vital.'

When consumers are more cautious in spending, they seek out brands they can trust ‒ those with resonant messaging that evokes an emotional connection. So now is the time to ensure your brand messaging is on point and speaks to potential clients' hearts.

Those who blend in and fail to truly understand their audience and potential clients will struggle more than ever over the coming months.

It's easy to imagine that simply committing to more marketing activity is the solution, such as spending more on paid ads or increasing your presence on social media. And brands that do invest in marketing during an economic downturn historically do well. However, the success of your marketing activity will largely depend on the quality of your messaging – with this in place; you can save time, money, and energy with effective strategies.

When you intentionally dial up your authentic brand messaging, you maximize your know, like, and trust factors – the essential journey your potential clients must transition through to work with you.

The key to driving trust

Creating your aligned and authentic brand messaging is the key to accessing each of these vital marketing touchpoints, and I'll take you through how to activate each one in turn:

1. Know

It's apparent that you need to be visible and reach your audience for them to know you, and yet so many coaches hide their brilliance for various reasons. As a result, my clients often come to me needing clarification on what to share to truly connect with their audience and fear they'll be judged if they explore the topics that matter most to them.

Brand messaging clarity creates a dramatic confidence shift for those stuck in the invisibility cycle.

When you can articulate the struggles and desires of your ideal client (so they wonder if you're inside their head!), express your mission powerfully, and craft brand stories that teach and inspire, the energy shift in your marketing is palpable. My clients report dramatic changes in their motivation to show up on social media ‒ simply because they know what to say and can do so with renewed courage.

2. Like

We all want to be liked. But in the coaching and consulting industry, the real goal is to attract those that are right for our business (those that will get the results they need and will make the decision to sign). But, unfortunately, that also means we must repel those who don't fit well.

Your ability to attract your ideal clients and repel those not aligned is directly related to your ability to create and express your authentic brand messaging.

When you imitate other coaches, either consciously or subconsciously, you create a disconnect between your truth and the power in authentic, resonant messaging.

When you allow your unique brilliance to shine, your ideal clients will resonate with what you say and start feeling emotionally connected with you.

3. Trust

You must create trust with your ideal client to produce the results that matter most in your business. Investing in coaching is often a big financial commitment for your client, and they are looking for indications that they can trust this decision.

Your brand messaging has the potential to demonstrate evidence that you are an expert in your field, the true industry authority that has the method and proven results that show you can create the results they desire.

My Messaging Edge Method™️ is the methodology and framework that creates the aligned and authentic messaging my clients deploy to elevate their client attraction and build the business growth they desire.

Creating your framework and sharing it boldly in your messaging is a powerful way to build authority-based trust and help clients take the next step toward your offer and the transformation they want.

Set yourself up for success

To leverage your complete marketing strategy, focus first on the foundation of all that you do: your brand messaging.

Inspire potential clients by being highly visible, deeply authentic, and undeniably expert as you express your message with ease and attract clients who are excited to work with you.

Are you ready to elevate your brand messaging?

I'd love to help you unlock your client attraction strategy: Click here to apply for your FREE Messaging Breakthrough Session.

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Joanna Ingram, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Joanna Ingram is a former Advertising Agency Director turned Brand Messaging Activator and Business Coach from London, host of the leading podcast, Goals With Soul, and mum to 3 spirited girls.

She helps visionary coaches find their true voice, embrace their unique brilliance and clarify their authentic messaging so they can sign soul clients, raise their prices and stand out from the crowd in their industry.

Joanna's the trusted leader in activating unique messaging and blends proven brand strategy with energetics (she's a Breathwork Facilitator & Pranic Healer).

As the creator of The Messaging Edge™️ Method, Joanna elevates messaging to magnetize your soul clients. This industry-defining program has been called "Business Therapy" and "Heart-Articulation" by clients who have overcome their fear of judgment and perfectionism to express their truth, increase their visibility and accelerate their impact and income growth.

Joanna's group program, Time To Rise®️, supports female coaches to go from unseen to fully expressed messaging (and making money doing what they love!) within 30-90 days.

Having helped over 200 coaches this year, Joanna is celebrating the joy of sharing her message, and Goals With Soul is now ranked in the top 3% of global podcasts, with listeners from over 55 countries!

Her mission is to champion bold women to break the mold with their individuality and express their uniqueness in business. Joanna's here to guide and inspire you to join the dots between your unique brilliance, content, and offers so you can be paid for being yourself.

Right now, Joanna is enjoying the freedom to choose how she spends her days (forest walks and creating TikToks with her twins), frequent travel and retreats in Portugal, supercharging her impact, speaking her truth, and coaching her high-vibe clients.

Meet Joanna on Instagram here.

Check out Joanna's Free Messaging Checklist For Coaches here.

Listen To Goals With Soul here.


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