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How To Get Creative With Mind Wandering – Let Your Mind Wander And Watch The Magic Happen

Written by: Johanna Herbst, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Johanna Herbst Brainz Magazine

Walking around with no agenda and being surprised at times where your mind ends up? That’s mind wandering in a nutshell. When did you let your mind take a break last time?

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I only started doing it again recently after reading “Stolen Focus” by Johann Hari (amazing book!!). I could very much sympathize with Johann Hari when he shared that he did not waste time on mind wandering and kept an agenda at all times instead. At least listen to a podcast and learn something on your way to the supermarket. That was me as well!!

Mind wandering matters: it helps us make sense of things in our lives and get clarity on how we feel about them. If we let our minds wander, then our experiences are processed, organized, and analyzed. New random connections are made, a prerequisite for creativity. I guess it explains why we have some of the best ideas taking a shower or sitting on the toilet.

“Be efficient, maximize your time, and get things done!” That’s what kept me pushing and my mind busy… The notation of creativity triggered me since I consider myself a creative person. If mind wandering allows me to become more creative, I will give it a chance.

I started going for walks without trying to solve a problem. No agenda whatsoever and – spoiler alert – it feels great!! It gives me peace of mind to relax and not be “on” all the time. In German, we would call it “balm for the soul.” An guess what! I also had some creative ideas that just popped up in my mind… A true WIN WIN!!

When will you let your mind be free next time??

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Executive Contributor Johanna Herbst

Johanna Herbst, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Johanna Herbst is a leading leadership & career coach and management consultant with 15+ years of international experience in coaching, management consulting, entrepreneurship, and corporate finance. She holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and is trained as a certified coach.

Johanna's superpower is making things happen with lots of energy, compassion and a smile. As the CEO and founder of Delygate, she works with individuals and organizations offering them leadership & career coaching and management consulting services. Her mission is to move organizations and individuals forward by creating the conditions for reaching their goals. With Johanna's help, her clients transform towards confidence, focus, and fulfillment which allows them to be the best version of themselves and have impact in the world.

Johanna is also the host of the “Reaching your Goals” podcast. Reaching your Goals is a career-focused podcast where Johanna sits down with inspiring individuals to find out what it takes to reach your goals. You can expect lots of energy, compassion, and candid discussions with everyone from business leaders, academics, coaches, or entrepreneurs on what it really takes to get one step closer to living a fulfilled professional life.

Johanna is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and is fluent in English and German.

Contact Johanna for:

Executive Coaching | Career Coaching | Leadership Trainings | Project Management | Workshop Facilitation | Moderation | Motivational Speaking



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