How to Come Out as a Winner From The Corona-Crisis in 8 Steps

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Written by: Hanna Horner

So far 2020 hasn’t impressed us business owners much. I’m sure none of us had “lockdowns” as a potential scenario when we sat down to make plans for the year. That doesn’t mean that you need to surrender your dreams, goals and visions for you future. This just means that it is even MORE important than ever before to remain in control of YOU, your own mindset, what you focus on and what you do with your time.

Hanna Horner

You can either set off into the coming months with absolute confidence and the mindset of a winner - or you can curl up back up and watch from the sidelines as the brave ones take on new challenges and opportunities.  Think about what it is that you want to accomplish in 2020 and commit 100% to show up and work smart, while most people run away and hide. 

We all know that during economic downturns wealth can get redistributed very quickly - and you know you want to be on the receiving end of that. Rather than getting stuck in the collective victim role and look for support packages and bailouts (and I’m not saying those are BAD at all) grab the bull by the horns, accept the new reality, and more FORWARD. 

In times of social distancing, full on lock-downs and messages of “go home and stay home” the business owners that THRIVE have pivoted their businesses online. Gyms run home workout programs along with nutrition challenges, flower stores have stoppable Instagrams and deliver. All the big stores offer “pick up curbside” (or deliver), restaurants focus on take out, clothing stores make the most of their stories and entice people to shop from home.

"We need to look for the good"

Success, as you know, is 80% having the right mindset. To be successful entrepreneurs we need to be resilient, solution focused, have a high tolerance for ambiguity and be prepared to risk it all.  I have some “go-to” suggestions to thrive in these times: 

  1. Get yourself a rock solid morning routine. This routine should involve 3 quick wins over that pesky, negative voice in your head that’s trying to get you to give up. This is how you can build up your mental resilience and toughness. 

  2. Plan each day in as much detail as possible. Make sure you have clear deadlines and know exactly what to do at any given time. That way you don’t have to stop to think about what’s coming up next. It’s when we stop our momentum, that we open the floodgates to doubt, procrastination and fear. “An object in motion stays in motion."

  3. Get yourself an accountability partner. You’re 85% more likely to follow through on your plans, if you have an appointment with someone who cares.

  4. It’s smart to spend time on the things that help you maintain a winning mindset. Even as much as 80% of your time can have this as the sole focus. Trust me, your remaining 20% will be more than enough to get everything done WHEN you’re doing it from a feeling of personal power and ability to focus on the right things. 

  5. Build an online following. Get to know your audience and let “social media” be just that: social. You’ll find that your new friends on social will bail you out and stay faithful to you and your brand, even in tougher times.

  6. Don’t try to “go it alone”. Get the support you need. Don’t DIY things you’re not good at. Focus on making MORE money, rather than “saving”. Delegate. Buy traffic online (ads). Reinvest in your business - and be sure to move as much as possible online.

  7. Surround yourself with people who also refuse to settle for less. It’s common knowledge that we become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Who do you want to be? Get yourself that intentional success-team. 

  8. To grow beyond wherever we are at today, won’t be comfortable. We’re used to how things are - for better of for worse. Anytime we decide to venture outside that comfort zone it WILL hurt. Be mentally prepared to rise up to the new challenges. Give it everything you’ve got. It’ll be worth it. 

We need to look for the good. 

The online and e-learning industry has proven to be somewhat more resistant to economic downturns than others in the past. It is projected that the e-learning industry will reach 325 billion a year by 2025. Right now is the perfect time to position yourself to be a part of that economy. In Italy, in March of this year, e-commerce went up buy 90% as compared to March last year.

You can most definitely create an unshakable business. You can come out of this as a winner. In fact, you might be one of the few who CAN “win” in these times - and that’s exactly what we all need you to do. Someone needs to keep the wheels turning. Right now you are being called to step things up and give it your all.

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