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How Leslie Klatt is Shaking up Online Entrepreneurship Business Models with the One Launch Method

Written by: Leslie Klatt, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


You have a program or service that you offer to businesses that will increase their income, their productivity and help them grow. So, what do you do? You offer value, of course. How do you do that? You work for people for free! How have you chosen to do this thus far? With 5-day challenges? Free webinars? And what is the purpose of the free value? To be able to pitch your offer at the end.

Now they see how amazing you are and all of the skills and knowledge that you possess. How could they say no?

So it looks a lot like this…

  • You come up with a really catchy name, the hook.

  • You create branding for the challenge that will get all the attention.

  • Run ads or post everywhere on social media every single day, several times a day, so that you can get enough people in the free challenge so that your 8%-10% conversion rate will get you some sales in the end.

  • You have a team and trained them up.

  • You have a funnel built, a messaging system.

  • You schedule your live training sessions every day. You have a workbook designed and published.

  • You have your 3-4 posts a day written and scheduled, you know… to keep engagement up.

You are ready to go!

Every single day, for the next 9 days (because a 5-day challenge doesn’t end there.

You have to pretend like it is the only chance to hire you and work with you for 4 days after the challenge and offer more free bonus sessions to entice people to sign up for what you’re offering too.

I could go on, but I’ll save you the exhaustion.

If you think it’s exhausting to read this, imagine being in it, taking all of this free action hoping for some return in your investments.

The best part is, in a few weeks, you get to do it all over again.

The worst part is, you’re going to be tweaking, redoing, sourcing new leads, and still trying to show up 100% for the clients that joined your program(s), but you’re launching again and pouring your energy into recruiting new clients.

This is a cycle, and it’s one that many online service providers and the ever-growing industry of coaching have fallen into. It’s draining and pulls inspired entrepreneurs away from their purpose and into being team managers, trainers, and employees to their own companies.

How Leslie Saw This.

“In my 15 years working in Marketing and as a Project Manager, I’ve never had more than one kick-off meeting, I’ve never marketed and launched more than one grand opening for the same company, same offer, in the same location.”

This makes complete sense. Leslie noted that whenever she speaks with entrepreneurs at networking events or on consultation calls, she hears that a lot, “People tend to get a light bulb moment where they realize how complicated they’ve been making their business ventures.”

“I’ve always had an aversion to backtracking, and the re-launch of a product or service every 4-5 weeks doesn’t feel very forward-moving to me.

The online marketing world has taken a turn to popularity and hustle instead of impacting their target markets.

The difference is you go from capturing every moment and thought that you have and sharing it with others to show them that they can live like you in a “keep up with the Jones’” kind of mentality to effectively marketing the product, service, programs you offer to allow them to reach their own life and business goals.”

How does the combination of Marketing and Project Management make your One Launch Method different from the rest?

When entrepreneurs hear “launch,” they envision themselves spending day and night on the computer, creating sales pages, working behind the scenes, and exhausting themselves.

What we do in the One Launch Method are constant momentum building and forward motion.

As a project manager, we have the map that brings the project, no matter what it is, from point A to point B, and it’s all growth and development from the time the kickoff meeting ends until the project is complete.

My clients don’t sit stagnant, working on sales pages until their launch date. We make it a party the entire time. They land speaking gigs. They’re collaborating with others in their industry. They’re building their audience and hosting their own parade, which I call “Fanfare” in my book.

When you have these fun, celebratory events happening, when most launch systems have people quietly working all hours of the night to have everything set up, it feels less like work and more like building your dreams in fun, empowering, confident, and belief building way.

The project management systems that we have set up like a framework keep the focus on specific tasks each week so that you aren’t overwhelmed and so that you don’t miss a step when launch time comes.

How long does it usually take your clients to build this fanfare and audience while celebrating and showing up in a big way?

Every business is unique, but the basic framework is set up to go from zero to launch and scale in 12 weeks.

The difference there, when you see people telling you to launch in a weekend is that you have a real plan to reach your goals, you are building an audience that is chomping at the bit to get their hands on your product or service, you have built credibility and a reputation in the industry, and you will launch it once and grow your business from there.

There won’t be any pressure sales tactics, there is not a relaunch in a few weeks, you have launched, and you did it right, you weren’t offering discounts, you aren’t threatening people to buy before you have to raise the price, you’re not completely exhausted and riding a stress roller coaster.

You’re an entrepreneur, making those million-dollar decisions.

Tips for launching your product/program/service:

Focus on one thing.

You shouldn’t have many irons in the fire. The “I’m busier than you” badge isn’t a badge of honor.

Know your offer, focus on it and make it your world. You should be committed to it if you expect your clients to.

Clarity in your messaging.

There is no room for confusion. You have to be able to explain what you do to a customs agent, a seasoned professional in your industry, and a 3-year-old. If you can only spit out an elevator pitch when someone asks you what you do in your business, you’ll need some work here.

Positioning is key.

If you show up as a side hustle and a start-up time and time again, asking your potential clients for advice and input in your area of expertise, you are showing up small and will be stuck in that cycle until you decide enough is enough.

Being a good host.

Knowing your client’s experience working with you, from their first encounter to experience your product or service, will give you the confidence to put yourself out there.

Make space for your results.

Make room in your schedule to support what you want to achieve and believe it will happen. Don’t overfill your schedule so that your whole life gets turned upside down when clients start flowing to you. Making space for your results will allow your growth and success to come to you seamlessly.

Leslie consults and coaches for online businesses looking to avoid or break out of the hustle cycle, up-level and launch their high ticket offers once and scale immediately. Find her at

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Leslie Klatt, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Leslie Klatt is a leader in the online marketing and project management industries. She is the founder of the One Launch Method, which stems from her solid background in corporate business, where organizations play for longevity and sustainability, building brand credibility and a high profile as the "go-to" in their industry.



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