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How I Ended Up Here

Written by: Wil Becker, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


While I have my own coaching business, I also have a partnership with two of INC Magazine top leaders, Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward. They have been business partners for about 30 years! Brady and Woodward started out in the network marketing industry with a well-known company. However, they landed in an ethical dilemma and felt it would be better to leave the company to do their own thing.

When word got out, 50,000 people left with them. The company decided to sue Brady and Woodward because when they left, one-third of the company’s income left with them. (Yes, their share of the profitability was creating about one-third of the income for that company.)

While this was heating up, Brady and Woodward had published a book titled, Launching a Leadership Revolution. This book shot up the New York Times Best Seller list and landed them in the world of international leadership. Their work has provided numerous speaking and teaching opportunities around the globe.

What Brady and Woodward learned through the trial and speaking engagements was how much they enjoyed actively leading people. In November 2011, they launched a new company called Life Leadership. This company teaches the three keys to building wealth: leadership, financial literacy, and systems. This has become their signature program known as Building Business Systems. Their goal is to create 1,000 leaders who then help 1,000,000 people get out of debt and live a financially abundant lifestyle.

I was first introduced to Brady and Woodward through their teaching audios. A friend on Facebook tagged me on a post, and I responded to the topic. Another person responded to my comment and that sparked a conversation. This discussion piqued the interest of Melissa and DJ Berezay, one of Brady and Woodward’s top 1,000 entrepreneurs, who sent me some of their learning packs. Because I had already been on a journey of learning and self-education, I was excited to join their training program.

The audio teachings of Brady and Woodward helped to strengthen the foundation I had been building. The knowledge and education that would come through the Life Leadership program helped to accelerate my personal growth and development! My self-taught leadership skills have continued to grow and flourish with the Berezay’s guidance. Their encouragement and support prepared me to join Cheryl Clark and Jamie Allen Bishop’s networking call and be a benefit to them. It also prepared me to be humble and willing to learn through their networking group and trainings.

I cannot begin to put in words my gratitude for what Brady and Woodward started with the Life Leadership program, for the Berezay’s and their leadership system, and for what Cheryl and Jamie have done to help me grow into the leader and coach I am today.

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Wil Becker, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Wil is a serial entrepreneur with several businesses under his belt. He has served in several leadership roles over the last 25 years as a Youth Pastor and Congregational Leader. He has also served with the Boy & Cub Scouts organizations as a leader. He has moved up in his profession because of his leadership skills and his consistent self-education. Wil seeks out the best books and mentors to learn from. His desire to help others got him to start Turning Leaf Solutions and open the doors to his coaching business! He is excited to help you become your best self!!



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