How Do You Market Hospitality?

Written by: Vicky Perez, Executive Contributor

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The hospitality industry is vastly different from others. And yet, many business leaders make the mistake of trying to market their business in the same way as you’d market any other product or service.

In any industry, marketing is a pivotal tool to help brands get noticed by the people they want to serve. It’s your opportunity to talk about your business, your values, what makes you unique, and what you have to offer your customers.

But hospitality isn’t a product you put on a shelf. It’s not something you can hold or take a picture of. Rather, hospitality is actions performed by your team. And then, hospitality becomes feelings that are felt by your guests. It’s a case where actions speak louder than words, something that guests wouldn’t fully understand reading about but will immediately feel its impact once experienced.

So, how do you market hospitality in a way that guests can understand before they do business with you?

There are two ways to approach this.

Your Guests are Your Best Marketers

There’s no doubt that your guests hold a certain power over your reputation. When they have a good experience, they might remember you for it. When they have a great experience, they’re likely to give you a good online review. And when they have a bad experience, everyone they know is going to know about it, too.

Make no mistake that your guests are talking about your business. As a hospitality leader, you can help influence the conversation by giving them all the right things to talk about.

Great hospitality lies in the details. It’s not the size of the bed or the color of the wall, but rather all the little things you do to go above and beyond. In most cases, this takes a bespoke approach because different people have different needs and expectations. When you see an opportunity that allows you to take their experience above and beyond the typical visit, take it. You never know who they might want to tell about it.

Market Hospitality with Actions, Not “Marketing”

When you focus your marketing messages on pricing, convenience, amenities, and other property features, you’re marketing a hotel, not hospitality.

The hospitality marketing aspect comes with every interaction you have with your guests. It’s the way their room is cleaned and ready for them upon arrival. It’s the way you bring extra towels to their room or supply them with the one thing they forgot to pack. It’s all the times you go above and beyond for your guests in personalized ways that simply can’t be listed on your website or marketing materials.

In hospitality, your actions truly do speak louder than words. And make no mistake, your customers are watching and listening. Your rates or location might get them through your doors, but it’s all the actions you take afterward that will cement your business as one that’s known for their hospitable nature.

So, consider every touchpoint with your guests as your hospitality marketing in motion. Show, don’t tell, what makes you a great choice in your industry. That’s how you build ongoing loyalty and a fanbase that won’t stop raving about you.

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Vicky Perez, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Vicky Perez is an international travel and hospitality guru, keynote speaker, human rights activist, and founder of boutique consulting firm, Vicky Perez Consulting. Some of the world's most prestigious travel and hospitality brands have entrusted Vicky with elevating their services, training their management and staff, and reshaping the guest experience. Vicky has worked extensively with Marriott Hotels as a consultant within her home country of Aruba and abroad, along with the Ritz-Carlton, Radisson Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Hard Rock and numerous boutique brands. She is credited with organizing Aruba's first Remedi conference and oversaw the opening and transition of the CALA region's first "Courtyard Marriott Resort". Vicky aims to work with hospitality brands in crafting a world-class guest and employee experience and elevate global tourism as a whole.



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