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Hold Yourself Accountable With A Personal Development Plan

Written by: Sarah Tricker Alchemy, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Brainz Contributor Sarah

You may be wondering how some people manage to make such big shifts in their life on their own! Let’s be honest here. A personal development plan is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of effort and willpower alongside that sometimes ugly part of delving into one’s self.

A laptop, mobile phone and a blank notebook with  on wooden table

If you look at successful people, I believe you will notice a theme in the type of person they are. Here are my observations;

  • They will be very focussed and clear on the goals they want to achieve

  • They definitely don’t give up at the first setback

  • They are willing to make short term sacrifices for the long-term goal

  • They are not phased by other people’s opinions about them or their goals

  • They are organized

  • They put themselves at the top of their list

  • Self-care and routines are a must!

Honestly, the list could go on and on and really these are just a few!

Now, some people are naturally like this, and yet others have to work at becoming successful. A lot of times it does depend on our families, culture, social status, education, health, and so forth that influence the paradigms we carry around success.

There is no right or wrong and we certainly put no blame upon our parents as each individual does the best they can with their own knowledge and paradigms. Sometimes, an individual decides to break free from old paradigms and strive toward success.

Remember, success looks different for each person. Each individual's purpose may not be to run a multi-million-dollar company. For some creating a loving family, being a nurse, or becoming free from an addiction, are feats of success. Do not judge yourself on someone else’s journey. You have to dig deep and decide what it is that you wish to achieve!

Pros and cons of a personal development plan


The cost is minimal in the respect that you may purchase some books and maybe online courses. There is a lot of free resources on the internet right now. You can also work at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

Here is the kicker, if you are the type of person who has the minerals to purchase a book, read it all the way to the end, an implement the strategies you would probably already be successful. It is the same for online courses. Only 5% of people who purchase an online course would actually complete or even begin the course they invested in. This is not to say that people cannot change as people can, just statistically the data shows the opposite.


You may bypass the tough stuff and allow yourself to do only the easy parts. You may not push yourself and succumb to your limiting beliefs. Without guidance and strategies, you may fall off the wagon sooner than you had anticipated.

When we are working on ourselves we tend to look at our progress through rose-tinted glasses. For some, they may convince themselves that they are making big changes when in fact they are not. When you think about your family and friend circle, those people will often not want you to change. They may indeed aim to keep you where you are. None of this is even conscious. Your friends and family will notice you trying to change and it will shine a light on their own inadequacies. Our friends and families often validate the feeling we have as they are close to us.

Of course, I am an advocate for Life Coaching as I have invested a lot into myself through self-development courses and personal life coaching. I can attest to the progress of my clients and my personal experience, that it's sometimes the outside perspective that actually helps you break through your stuff! Finding a coach who specializes in the area that you are working on is key. Most coaches can help people make changes as they are looking at your life from a birds-eye view. They will detect the patterns and paradigms that need shifting. However, each coach will work on making changes in different ways. It is important to find a coach that makes sense to you.

If you want to make changes in your life start small. It is much the same as when people set New Year’s resolutions, they want to change everything all at once. We have to take small steps each day. Imagine if you wanted to start a business as an example or get fit. Now imagine if you were to commit one hour per day to work on that goal. Over the course of one year that would be 365 hours! Imagine the change you could make in 365 hours. It would be silly to try and do that all at once; you would get overwhelmed and quit. Chunk it into small easy-to-digest time and you will create success. Want to find out more about how Sarah can help you?

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Contributor Sarah Tricker

Sarah Tricker Alchemy, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sarah Tricker Alchemy is a change-maker and has the ability to see what lies in the unseen and unexplained. After realizing her dream to become an educator, Sarah soon understood she herself was not fulfilling her life purpose. In 2016 she began the journey of entrepreneurship and had been forging her way to true authenticity. Sarah is a Public Speaker & Spiritual Empowerment Coach helping women who are in transition within their life. With her gift as a healer, she facilitates women in finding their authentic selves as well as their life purpose. Every moment is a miracle, and there is always opportunity even when you cannot see it.



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