Goal Setting 1-2-3: A Little Business TLC

Written by: Susan Van Staden, Executive Contributor

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Goal setting is not a new concept and yet people, including business people, still fail to set goals.

In theory, you are 100% in control of your life, of the chaos and stress as well. You choose what you do and how you react. Success is the intentional, deliberate, pre-meditated use of daily choices and actions. I am going to repeat this:

Success is the intentional, deliberate, pre-meditated use of daily choices and actions. Taking conscious actions determines your success level.

Setting goals to those choices and actions makes it easier. It gives you a roadmap to follow. Any goal setting is better than nothing. You can change your life instantly by simply making a decision. Goals are INSTRUCTIONS to yourself, and the cornerstone of any business – or important life decision.

So let’s do some goal setting today. Let’s set your goals for 2021, easy step by step. You can use this method for any future goal setting; we are using the Funnel of Focus technique. Whether it is important Business goals or a personal goal, no matter, the process is the same. Taking your business next level or wanting to go on that holiday to Mauritius.

Goals are a purpose, and the actioning thereof is your strategy in achieving them. Your clear vision for 2021 sorted, ready for ACTION!!

To start, take a clean piece of paper and write down 5 – 6 Goals you want to achieve.

Out of these, choose the most important Overriding goal. This is a goal that is important to set your goals into a forward motion. This is also the goal that you will come back to.

To test the importance, give answers to the following questions: (Try for more than one answer).

  • What will you lose if you don’t take action on the goal?

  • When will your overriding goal be accomplished?

  • Where are you right now in relation to your goal?

  • What do you need to do in order to achieve your goal?

  • What are the obstacles between you and your goal?

  • What factor sets the speed in your overriding goal?

  • What is your area of strength relative to this goal?

  • What is your weakest point relative to the goal?

  • What is the worst thing that could happen in the coming year to affect your goal?

  • What is the best thing that could happen to affect this goal?

Now we action the goal:

  • What are the 3 most important things you can do in the next month to accomplish the goal?

  • What is the single most important thing you can do this week towards the goal?

  • What long-term actions can you take to keep the goal going?

Once you have answered all these questions, you should have a clear vision of your goal and what actions you will need to take to achieve it. You can do the same for all your other goals.

It is important that you create habits to accomplish your goal. Habits are the key to accomplishing goals, and most great habits begin as goals. It’s a choice. It is in your power to use habits to reach your goals.

The difference between Goals and Habits - Goal: Is something you want and are willing to work towards. It is the future.

Habit: Is an automatic pattern of behavior acquired through frequent repletion—something you do now and ongoing.

You have the potential to create an extraordinary life for yourself. Failure is essential to success, so take the lessons of your failures and turn them around. What you do with the minutes, hours and days of your life dedicate how successful you are and what kind of life you will have. Take conscious action now, by setting some goals, implementing them effectively, staying focused, and revisiting the goals and adjusting them when needed. Making goals work for you!

Happy Goal setting!

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Susan Van Staden, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Susan is a Reformer, People of this personality type are essentially looking to make things better. Susan started Efficio Business Consulting wanting to offer her over 25 years’ experience to reach and help Coach as many Start-up Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners with a with a program that concentrates not only on the business and growth, but helping the owner step into that roll—building a bridge between builder and business. She lives in the beautiful scenic George, Garden Route, South Africa and has two successful adult daughters, her inspiration, pride and joy.



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