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Global Business Ethics & Culture – Where Are We Currently On Creating A Positive Future?

Lynsey Humphries is a well-known unique intellect globally whom masters unique solutions and is the founder of designs and concepts used in business & Health today globally. Her focus is on her business in Coaching and consulting on the areas she is passionate about that will give maximum results quickly supporting professionals and businesses.

Executive Contributor Lynsey Humphries

We only have to look at the news each day to see that we are living in chaos with conflict worldwide, and companies going through bulk exit interviews such as X and Meta. The culture in company’s and professions is creating something we need to stop spreading through our lives and careers.

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Ask yourself what do I do when I want something or don’t like something? These questions are a couple of key questions to see if you pass the positive ethics test designed by me. From my own personal experience of having founded well established designs worldwide. I know the impact of negativity and brutal culture competition habits. We see individuals that have knowledge or wealth having to hire security and buy secure houses. Now life wasn’t always this way.

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My story

I was chronically ill in 2007, whereby I suffered severe M.E., which takes your mobility and cognitive function. It’s known as a neurological and immune disease with a lot of pain. I tried to get better with a lot of support due to no known treatment. I worked at IBM at that time. My mother had a brain tumour that we didn’t realise that affected her judgement due to where it was situated. My mother called a doctor who gave me something I had a complete medical reaction to. I was sectioned without them knowing I was physically ill. Unfortunately, I was forced injected and today live with a damaged heart and scar on my head from the incident. My nonsense speech recorded was a medical reaction a lot though was real. Enclosed are my research and designs.

The area is renowned for bully culture. They handed around against any law the medical reactions and reworded the whole scenario. Whilst getting obsessed to the story. I’ve witnessed this in ore and raised a complaint with an MP that’s sacked himself in disgust. I have to admire him as that’s the problem of Britain no one sacks the problems.

My complaint with four years of attacks on my records via BT and Serco with parliament playing pantomime with it was restricted by police with a section. Which took them four years to achieve with complaints countering the abuse. Not one professional has done a thing. I’ve had to be safeguarded by an Attorney out of the country at times. Doing this to a global professional woman suffering M.E. symptoms is another class as well as torture. The allegations are laughable. Though the situation is serious.

In this they’ve sold my designs without paying me, so I’ve invoiced them as quite disgusted at the script and target. This culture is being normalised in Manchester. Whilst I work globally and ignored them.

What is the future?

This article is only part of my story, though the harassment I have dealt with is complete mass harassment in competition of roles and business. As a country, have we lost ethics? I’ve asked public enquiry a number of times as high enough in my career to do so due to the negative impact from some professionals I won’t disclose. Overall, it’s about how to treat people without giving excuses or insults rather than show any credibility. I’m lucky enough to be in healthy global communities, so I want to inspire professionals who are experiencing toxic co competition, as it can destroy you. The destructive behaviour needs to change. It should be safe to have a career, however unique my work has been. Today I am a business consultant & coach in my own company LJJ Business Enterprises.

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Lynsey Humphries, Coach & Consultant

Lynsey Humphries is an established intellect in many circles. She is classed as an Entrepeneur though excels in leadership whilst innovating positive innovation globally through coaching and consulting. Her mission is to lessen toxic innovation whilst leading collaboration and supportive development for those that seek it.



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