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From SMART Goals To STAR Goals

Written by: Signe Knutson RTT, C. Hyp, Guest Writer


How to plan for the best possible outcome and allow it to happen. What if you could roll with whatever happens and still achieve even better results than you anticipated? Make room for miracles by opening your mind to stretching, tremendous, amazing, and rich goals that start with one, easy, baby, step.

A photo of successfully achieving your goal.

Write down SMART goals and STAR goals and check them off as you reach them.

Every day write 6 goals in your journal.

Write three practical goals (Do, Be, Have,) and three dreamy goals (Do, Be, Have.) For example:


Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based

Do: wear my new dress to the gallery tomorrow

Be: kind to the people I have been judgemental of

Have: three sales by the end of week

STAR Goals

Stretching, Tremendous, Amazing and Rich

Do: ride in a first class cabin on the train

Be: a source of generational wealth for my family

Have: a 4-month vacation

SMART goals have been part of goal-setting plans since 1981, introduced by George T. Doran.

STAR goals incorporate dreams. They do not need a timeline. I created them because SMART goals are logical, but limited. My goals require limitlessness. By incorporating STAR goals, we are open to serendipity, and welcome results beyond what we can carry out when looking at our current situation. The universe is full of surprises, and can provide anything, even if it seems out of reach right now. Even if it seems impossible, write down what you want, without judgement or denial. When you write it down, it enters the realm of the possible. When you write down your SMART goals, they can take you from A to B. When you write your STAR goals, let them take you to the stars.

As you look back on your journals and daily lists, cross off the items that you have achieved. Amazingly, not only will you cross off SMART goals, but increasingly, you will start to cross off STAR goals!

You are an active co-creator of your destiny. You can look forward to every time you reach a goal and a dream is realized! Imagine it, feel it in your heart, and smile. You can see how easy it is to progress when you include fantastic goals because if you allow them into the plan, they have room to come true. Make room for magic to happen and it does.

Once you write down your STAR goals, meditate on the feeling you will have once they are manifest (literally, made real.) For instance, “I see myself now being the conduit of generational wealth in my family. I close my eyes and feel it here and now. I am surrounded by the environment I value. My goal is realized. In my mind’s eye, I see the view from the window of my dream home. I hear my children laughing, talking happily, with everything they need. I feel the health that abundance and joy provide. It is easy because I take it one step at a time and allow grace and forgiveness. My goals are happening. I do what feels right. I provide help in a meaningful way to those who need it. I take care of the biosphere and make ecological choices. I make excellent connections with wonderful people and we support each other. I let them know what I need and what I offer. I help them and they help me. It feels amazing.”

When you feel the end result in your vision, the “How” reveals itself. Close your eyes and ask your inner knowing, subconscious, or higher knowing, superconscious, to guide you by giving you a specific direction. Listen, and write it down. It becomes a tangible step you can take.

Take one easy first step.

At every step, you are grateful for the previous steps you have accomplished, and the lessons learned, both in your mind and in your actions.

Luck can step in at any point and you may skip steps, or you may be shown a more efficient way. Allow for miracles. Windfalls happen! Be ready and willing for your plans to change when something even better shows up. Allow for reciprocity ‒ someone may show up who needs exactly what you have to offer, and offers you exactly what you need. You only need to take one small step. When you agree to be a conduit for visionary goals, the unified field knows you are ready and hands you the key.

Here’s that first baby step: Write down your SMART goals and STAR goals starting today ‒ and watch the magic happen!

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Signe Knutson RTT, C. Hyp, Brainz Magazine Guest Writer

Signe Knutson is an RTTⓇ Hypnotherapist, practicing in Vancouver, BC and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and online. Her book, The Power of Hypnotherapy ‒ Your Magnetic Mind is set to launch this April on Amazon worldwide. She is known for Breakthrough Therapy in 1-3 sessions.



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