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Founder of Starbucks Invests in Tony’s Chocolonely

Howard Schultz, former chief executive officer and founder of Starbucks has bought shares in Dutch ethical chocolate brand, Tony’s Chocolonely. 

The chocolate company’s CEO, Douglas Lamont, said: “We are proud to welcome Howard Schultz as an investor in the company, and we are looking forward to drawing on his extensive experience of building a global consumer brand and company. Tony's rapid revenue growth, rising popularity with US consumers and increased investor interest demonstrates that building a company that balances shareholder returns with its impact on people and planet is not only right thing to do but the smart thing to do for companies today.”

The B-Corp company, which champions Fairtrade, raised €20m of capital funding in June last year. Lamount said that the investment would be used to “help [the company] accelerate our progress towards our mission of ending exploitation in the cocoa industry.”



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