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Five Reasons Your Employees Quit – What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

Written by: Charlotte Elizabeth Scott-Terrell, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


We all know it has been a pretty tumultuous time in the workplace. This is likely not going to get better any time soon. Let’s face it, people have found a way to survive without a 9 to 5. They have moved in with family and pooled resources, otherwise downsized, found work-from-home gigs, gotten government assistance, or started their own businesses. People feel as though they no longer have to be slaves to jobs where they are mistreated or where they feel unfulfilled. Since the pandemic people have also determined “it’s cheaper for me to work from home”… no need for child care, lunch expenses, gas, parking, business attire, etc.

Businessman sending and showing resignation letter to employer boss.

So, that being said the small and decreasing percentage of employees who opt to stay in what many call the “rat race” is because of the stability it offers in a volatile economy. However, even with that people are quitting their day jobs for 5 top reasons. Here they are. Read carefully:

1. There is no clear vision

they feel they are doing the work of 2 or 3 people and it’s not worth the stress. The workload is too heavy.

2. People don’t feel safe in the workplace

There is no one they can trust, too much “back biting" and blatant abuse, even from superiors. Employers are not providing a safe, fair workplace.

3. Employees are not properly trained

They are either given no grace or room for human error or they are drowning because no one taught them to swim (how to be successful in their position)

4. Employees don’t feel valued and respected

No amenities! A paycheck and benefits are not enough! If people don’t feel valued and respected, they will leave. Examples of amenities are: provisions for child care, half workdays or flexible work schedules, hybrid work model (home and office), lunch on-site, acknowledgment & incentives for doing a good job (this is a big one) if there are no amenities and employees feel overwhelmed, overworked, undervalued, and under-appreciated, you will lose them!

5. Finally, employees feel unheard

Finally, employees who feel unheard or as if what’s important to them means nothing to you. This is epic! For example, an employee loses a loved one or they become ill themselves. If you only care about your bottom line and not your staff as humans, and not robots, you’re doing your company a grave disservice! They will leave and drag your company and reputation threw the mud. Can you afford that? Maybe from one or two former employees but certainly not from a team of disgruntled former employees.

Here's where your bottom line is impacted.

We’ve already talked about the company and your reputation being negatively spoken of. In the age of social media, one person can reach thousands! Remember those popular companies you grew up hearing about and doing business with, and now they’re gone? You may be thinking well no one is indispensable but, do the math.

It costs you money to recruit and retrain, and you then have to wait for the employee to learn the job. During the learning curve, you may have to pay for fatal human mistakes until the new employees get acclimated. It’s cheaper to adequately train, nurture, and retain the employees you have. Especially those who have been loyal to you for years. If good employees are treated well they will see the vision, follow the mission, and take your business to the highest levels of earnings you could ever imagine!

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Charlotte Elizabeth Scott-Terrell, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Charlotte Terrell is a Transformational Life Coach, Speaker, and Author. She has worked as a Clinical Therapist, Trainer and Educator. Charlotte has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, a Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling, and a second Master’s degree in Education. Today, she personifies what it means to ascend above adversity while inspiring countless others to do the same. A highly driven woman who was born to break barriers, she proves that when powered by purpose, women are unstoppable. She inspires. She empowers. She unleashes. Extraordinary at walking others through a radical transformation, she is as relentless about her client's success as she is about her own.



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