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Embracing Our Age – A Guide To Beauty, Learning And Wellness For Women Over 50

Barbara Powell Love is currently the Office Manager for a small medical practice. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree concentrating in Business Development.

Executive Contributor Barbara Powell Love

As women over 50, we have earned every laugh line, every strand of silver, and the wisdom that comes with being seasoned citizens. However, this milestone can be a season of renewed vigor, self-discovery, and empowerment. It’s a stage of life where our beauty transcends conventional standards, where learning knows no bounds, positive thoughts fuel our resilience, our health becomes a priority, and our creativity flourishes. As we continue this journey together, let’s embrace our age with grace and gusto even if we don’t state our actual age. Yes. I’m one of those, and here, I share some tidbits that I’ve learned on this journey.

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Beauty is beyond the surface

True beauty knows no age. Our beauty extends beyond the surface, and it radiates from within us, reflecting our inner strength as well as our confidence and love of self. We are now able to embrace our unique features as well as our imperfections. They tell the story of a life well-lived. We should never take this time for granted because it is a privilege that is denied to many. It is a badge of honor that we should wear proudly. This is a time to nurture our skin with care by indulging in skincare rituals each week that pamper and rejuvenate. I make it a point to indulge in my skincare routine twice each week. Dedicate some time just to pamper yourself. If you have a bathtub, use it. Invest in essential oils and candles and immerse yourself in steamy scented water while listening to soothing music or reading a book.


Continued learning fuels the mind

We are never too old to learn something new. Continued learning fuels the mind. Let’s challenge ourselves to explore new interests, whether it’s mastering a new language, learning to play a new instrument, or delving into the arts. Let’s feed our curiosity, extend our horizons, and embrace the joy of lifelong learning. The pursuit of knowledge keeps our minds sharp, our spirits young, and our hearts forever curious.


Positive thoughts, positive life

I’ve learned on this journey the importance of positivity. Our thoughts hold immeasurable power. Let us cultivate a mindset of gratitude, positivity, and resilience. We must focus on the blessings that surround us, find joy in the simplest of moments, and let go of any negativity that weighs us down. I’m learning that every setback is an opportunity for growth, and every challenge is a chance to emerge stronger. The elixir of life is faith and optimism, for they both sustain us through every season, every challenge, and every obstacle that may come our way.


Prioritize health and well-being

Our health is our most precious asset. We must cherish it, nurture it, and prioritize it above all else. Engaging in regular physical activity that brings us joy is a must. I love taking long walks around the lake when the weather permits. Other activities can consist of swimming or water aerobics, or simply stretching. You’ve heard the old saying that ‘You are what you eat’, so nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods that fuel our vitality and support our well-being can be a game-changer. We must schedule regular check-ups and listen to our body’s cues and honor its needs with care and compassion.


Unleash our creative spirit

Creativity knows no age limit. It is a boundless wellspring of expression just waiting to be tapped. Painting, gardening, dancing, or one of my favorites, is writing. I also love making dollhouse furniture and adding additions to my dollhouse that I built over 40 years ago. Creative arts allow our creative impulses to flow freely. Embracing the freedom to create without expectation or inhibition is freeing. Creativity is our soul’s purest form of self-expression.



As women over 50, we possess a reservoir of wisdom, resilience, and inner beauty that only deepens with time. We must embrace this stage of life with open hearts and open minds and celebrate the journey that has brought us to this moment. Let our beauty, continued learning, positive thoughts and attitude, our health, and our creativity be our guiding lights as we navigate the path ahead of us. Together, let us embrace our age with grace, courage, and an unwavering spirit of adventure. Until next time.


Barbara Powell Love, Blogger

Barbara Powell Love is currently the Office Manager for a small medical practice. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree concentrating in Business Development. Barbara is also the owner of Beebe Love's Beauty, a blogging website to promote beauty, motivate, inform, provide mental stimulation, educate, inspire and encourage other women over 50 to embrace their inner beauty and pursue their dreams. Her blog focuses on personal development, leadership, and lifestyle. She encourages women to become Seasoned Beauties instead of becoming Senior Citizens.



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