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Authentic Marketing From Soul To Soul – Revolutionary Marketing Approach For Holistic Solopreneurs

As a female empowerment coach, I support women individually and in groups, both in personal coaching sessions and via online courses, not only in discovering their true soul purpose but also in anchoring it in their lives in a sustainable way.

Executive Contributor Jana Behr

There is a growing movement in marketing that is moving away from traditional loud approaches and towards a practice that emphasizes deeper values and authenticity. This approach, which I call "soul marketing" is revolutionizing how holistic solopreneurs run their businesses and interact with their customers. But what exactly is soul marketing? Why is it so important you as a spiritual or holistic entrepreneur?

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What is soul marketing?

Soul marketing is based on the fundamental principles of integrity and truth. It completely dispenses with manipulation and untrue promises. Instead, it focuses on building authentic and heartfelt connections with customers. This approach not only makes you feel good as an entrepreneur but also makes your marketing efforts more effective and sustainable. Soul marketing shows your customers that you support them from the bottom of your heart and take their needs and wishes seriously.

Why soul marketing?

Most holistic entrepreneurs enter their careers to make a positive difference, not purely for profit. However, many feel that the traditional online marketing methods that currently dominate the market and are often based on pressure and fear do not align with their personal or ethical values. They feel particularly overwhelmed by technology, especially in the early stages of their business.

Soul marketing offers an alternative that allows you to

  1. offer products and services with passion and added value: You have the chance to design your offerings so that they are not only useful but also fulfilling for your customers.

  2. build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect: imagine a relationship where you and your customers interact like best friends, supporting and valuing each other.

  3. run a business that is not only financially successful but also soul-satisfying by integrating your true values and beliefs into every facet of your marketing, you give your business a soul.

The switch to soul marketing

When you consider switching to a soul-based marketing approach, you'll realize that it's not just about selling a product or service. It's about creating an environment where your customers feel comfortable and where they are naturally ready to buy without feeling rushed. Here are some simple steps to bring more soul into your marketing:

  1. be honest and transparent in your communication.

  2. listen to your customers' needs and desires and respond empathetically

  3. create content that inspires and offers real added value

  4. use feedback not only to improve your offerings but also to strengthen your customer relationships.


The world is ready for soul marketing. It's time to adopt a marketing strategy that is genuine, ethical, and effective and that makes your customers' souls dance as well as your own. If you're ready to transform your marketing approach, remember that you're not alone. Many like you are looking for more authentic and meaningful ways to run their business. Let's walk this path together!


Jana Behr, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Author, Podcaster

Jana Behr is a spiritual empowerment coach & mentor, Tao Hands Practitioner and Akashic Reader. She is a bridge builder between two worlds – spirituality and real-world implementation. Her coaching approach is based not only on her extensive theoretical knowledge but on life experiences. Having survived traumatic experiences, such as alcoholism in the parental home or rape and having healed illnesses, such as depression, fibromyalgia or lipedema, she now supports in finding inner stability, increasing resilience and acting from full power. She also spreads her mission "Spirituality is your superpower!" as an author, podcaster & speaker. Because without her spiritual connection, she would not have survived.



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