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Appreciating The Feminine And Maternal Natures Of Business Psychology

Written by: Mira Taylor, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


An unfortunate reality about the nature of the present-day mindset of many businesses and organizations is that they do not make much room for the expression or development of the feminine intellect and nature within the ways that they practice and approach their work or within the energetic environments of the working world. The truth is that for a business or organization to be most successful and efficient the maternal archetype and feminine intellect need to be openly invited into and strengthened within spaces like board rooms and business meetings, as well as, be given a proper respect and voice in the working world. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not everyone wants and ultimately needs to experience the warm, nurturing, and supportive voice and energy that is provided by the feminine in the form of maternal nature. The working world and those who are a part of it are no different.

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The truth is that right now most of the business world has only made room for a rather toxic form of masculinity to be the way in which leaders present and conduct themselves ‒ regardless of their biological gender. The current leaders of the business world seem to have lost touch with the idea that there is intended to be a kind, connective, emotional, spiritual, and gentle side to the way in which work is performed. This is why working professionals and leaders should make an active effort toward an intentional development and expression of the maternal and the feminine. This effort also then ultimately allows for the healthier paternal and masculine energies to exist within the working world.

Just as any child would need to experience a balance of the feminine/maternal and masculine/paternal natures in their lives to be raised in a healthy and nurturing way, so too does a business or organization need to be provided with access to a balance of the feminine and maternal principles and energies.

Another important part of understanding the feminine and maternal energies is to understand that they are active in every psyche as a part of our more total mind and that the spiritual or irrational part of the psyche is understood as being the feminine and maternal part of the psyche. Spiritually aware business and organizational leaders are therefore femininely and maternally aware leaders who understand that, regardless of physical gender expression, consciousness and the spiritually mindful self can and should be balanced across these feminine and masculine natures of the psyche to be wholly healthy.

Feminine Principles Of Consciousness: Empathy, Intuition, Imagination, Creativity, Compassion, Holistic Thought, Stillness, Patience, Fortitude, Safety, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Artistry, Symbolic Thought, Reflective, Nurturing

Masculine Principles Of Consciousness: Structure, Discernment, Technicality, Discipline, Analytic Thought, Assertiveness, Defining, Specific, Steadiness, Functionality, Intention, Responsive, Impelling

With the feminine and maternal aspects in mind it also becomes easy to appreciate the natures and dynamics of a business or organization from a point of perspective that understands how they should provide a “home” for their clients and employees. As such, there is also an appreciation for how the feminine principle (as expressed by maternal nature) is part of the psychology of the business or organization that provides for the psychological structures that allow its members to function most successfully. It’s important to understand that energetic structures in any environment function very much like the psychology and architecture of the subconscious mind (a feminine aspect of the psyche) in that these structures are not necessarily something that you are constantly consciously aware of as a structuring force in your life but that in that nature they are performing best. This means that the structures exist without requiring overt conscious attention or awareness from the individuals and groups that exist in an environment that the feminine/maternal nature is providing structure for. Regardless of conscious awareness, the structures will behave as an effective guiding force that is capable of supporting an environment of successful and harmonious energies.

From a fuller sense of awareness, the maternal and feminine mind is the part of the psyche that leans toward holistic thought and is, therefore, more mindful and concerned with providing balance through the energetic environments that it structures. As such, feminine and maternal-minded leaders have an intuitive desire to want to create and sustain a balanced union of the maternal/ feminine and paternal/ masculine attributes within themselves and within their businesses and organizations. This is because they know that this balance allows a business or organization to be raised to its fullest and most brilliant potential. Within this mindset, there is also an appreciation for how the spiritual, maternal, and feminine expression of the psyche allows for a more proper expression and embodiment of the qualities of the healthy expression of the paternal and masculine attributes of the psyche. With this balanced expression in work environments, there is also a familial comradery and sense of “home” established in the workplace with the communication styles (as an expression of psychological structuring) that provide for and support an energetic structure that feels nourishing instead of inhibiting or controlling.

Spiritually minded leaders are able to be courageous about the ways that they express and embody maternal and feminine aspects and they are intentional about developing and cultivating this part of themselves as a balanced part of their total expression and as a part of the expression and mindset of the businesses and organizations they structure. This means that they actively make time for and hold space for emotional intelligence, intuition, and instinct ‒ not only in their own mind, life and work but in a way that invites others within their environments to embody these natures of intellect within themselves also. This is achieved by making room for things like a sense of play, imagination and wonder and by promoting more free-form spaces for personal creativity within the work environment. The feminine side of each of us is concerned with caring for and preserving an ability to remain young at heart and to have space to express that sense of yourself through your work. The feminine mind also wants to ask questions like “does anyone have any instinctual feelings about this project?” or “Does anyone have any intuitive ideas about how we can make this meeting most successful?”. Ultimately the feminine-minded leader isn’t afraid to let the “mother” in them take the lead in more conversations.

The feminine and maternal communication style matters as an important balancing act in the workforce due to the rational and analytical natures of the masculine mind that can become dogmatic, inflexible, and overly concerned with things like data analytics and trying to avoid or evade risk in a way that is limiting to the success of a business or organization. There is a reason that the saying “no risk, no reward.” has been around for a long time in the business industry. Without the more believing and wise feminine aspects of the psyche present to balance the masculine mind’s concern for avoiding risk there isn’t much space left for growth. This imbalance also doesn’t allow members of the workforce to effectively express their intuition and instincts – intellects that provide valuable wisdom toward actionable solutions.

All of this said I have no intention of laying waste to the idea of the paternal or masculine natures and ideologies being present in the working world with this article. In fact, I am hoping to reawaken a healthier masculine nature and paternal archetype within workforce environments by making the initiation of the feminine nature and maternal archetype a priority within career and professional development.

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Mira Taylor, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Mira Taylor is an Integrative Therapist, Subconscious Medium & Organizational Wellness Consultant who focuses on guiding clientele toward total wellness by combining concepts of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and sustainable life practices. Mira is a member of the International Association of Therapists and master certified in Modern Applied Psychology, Cognitive Remodeling Therapy, Subconscious Integration Therapy, Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness, Wellness Linguistics, and Archetypal Psychology.



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