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A Visionary Global Fitness Business Consultant – Exclusive Interview With Yves Preissler

I am Yves Preissler (YP), a visionary fitness business consultant and the founder of Yves Preissler Business Consulting.

I was born in 1980 in Germany, and I chose to make fitness my career, driven by my lifelong passion for sports and fitness.

From a young age, sports, and fitness have been a significant part of my life. Growing up in Germany, I delved into the world of Judo at the age of 5. This martial art became my passion, fueling my desire for personal growth and instilling important values such as discipline, perseverance, and respect.

As I transitioned into my teenage years, I was drawn to the gym environment. At 16, I took my first steps into weightlifting and experienced its profound impact on my physical and mental well-being. The gym quickly became my sanctuary, a place where I could challenge myself, push my limits, and continuously strive for improvement.

Driven by my love for sports and fitness, I channeled my passion into a meaningful career. I founded Yves Preissler Business Consulting, specializing in providing strategic guidance and support to fitness professionals and gym owners. Drawing upon my personal experiences and extensive knowledge of the industry, I help my clients navigate the complexities of the fitness landscape and achieve sustainable success.

Furthermore, recognizing the untapped potential and the need for health and wellness initiatives in Africa, I established AFROFIT. This fitness brand will promote fitness and well-being across the African continent.

In addition to my professional endeavors, I have an insatiable wanderlust. I find immense joy in exploring new cultures and destinations, and I often integrate my travels with my work, seeking inspiration from diverse environments.

Lastly, I am a proud pet owner of a lovable Bull Terrier who brings endless happiness and companionship to my life.

My personal journey, rooted in a lifelong dedication to sports and fitness, has shaped my professional trajectory and fueled my commitment to making a meaningful difference within the industry.

black and white photo of Yves Preissler

Yves Preissler, Founder & CEO YP Business Consulting

What inspired you to start your business and create your website?

As a fitness business consultant, I was inspired to start my own business, create a website, hire a team, and make a difference, to address the growing needs of fitness professionals and gym owners in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Witnessing the challenges and opportunities within the fitness landscape, I felt a strong desire to utilize my knowledge and expertise to empower individuals and organizations to thrive in this competitive space. My website, serves as a comprehensive overview of services we offer and projects we have completed, where I share valuable insights, provide resources, and establish a global presence via my LinkedIn Profile. Both platforms help me to connect with clients from around the world.

Can you tell me about the products or services you offer through your business?

Through my business, I offer a comprehensive range of consulting services specifically tailored to the unique needs of the fitness industry. We are a turnkey or modular solution provider and provide services from the very beginning of a project, as well as once clubs are in operation and established.

These services encompass various aspects, including strategic business planning, feasibility and market research, operational efficiency assessments, team training programs, and the optimization of the overall client experience and member journey.

In addition, we provide an array of concept and design services such as architectural and MEP design, interior design, and design reviews.

Lastly, we offer procurement planning, team member recruitment as well as brand design.

These offerings are available as modular services or turn-key solution, whereby the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed are placed within one company and team.

What sets your business apart from competitors in your industry?

What truly sets our fitness business consulting services apart is the amalgamation of our profound understanding of the fitness industry and my extensive hands-on experience as a fitness & personal trainer, club manager, sales & marketing director of one of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers, fitness recruiter and the combined years of experience of the entire Yves Preissler Business Consulting team.

This distinctive combination allows us to offer holistic and customized solutions that not only address immediate challenges but also foster long-term success. By leveraging our expertise in business strategy, design, branding, marketing, and operational efficiency, we empower our clients to overcome obstacles and drive tangible results. Moreover, my unwavering commitment to providing personalized attention and support ensures that every client receives a tailored approach that aligns with their unique objectives.

How do you ensure customer satisfaction and maintain high-quality standards?

Ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining high-quality standards are at the core of my business philosophy. To achieve this, we employ a multifaceted approach that emphasizes collaboration, ongoing communication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We follow our moto: acta non verba.

We work closely with my clients, fostering a transparent and collaborative relationship that enables a comprehensive understanding of their specific needs and goals. We deliver tailored solutions that perform and make it our goal to surpass expectations. Additionally, the team constantly stays abreast of industry trends and best practices through continuous learning, enabling us to provide cutting-edge strategies and guidance. Regular feedback collection and timely response to client inquiries further enhance the overall experience, ensuring their satisfaction and fostering long-term partnerships built on trust.

Can you describe your target audience and how you cater to their needs?

Yves Preissler Business Consulting’s target audience primarily comprises of investors ‘new to fitness’, gym owners, and fitness entrepreneurs who aspire to build, grow, develop, or optimize their businesses within the dynamic fitness industry. To cater to their needs effectively, we employ a highly individualized approach and retain a very skilful team. By taking the time to understand the unique challenges, goals, and aspirations of each client, we develop tailored consulting solutions that precisely align with the requirements. Whether it's crafting and designing gym & recovery spaces, implementing operational improvements, or formulating comprehensive business plans, we ensure that each client receives customized guidance and actionable insights. By recognizing the distinctiveness of each business and acknowledging the clients’ aspirations, we provide the tools, expertise, and support necessary for them to thrive in their respective endeavours and attract the desired target market.

What are your future plans or goals for expanding and developing your business?

Looking ahead, my vision encompasses expanding and developing my business to further establish myself as a prominent thought leader and trusted advisor in the fitness industry globally. This includes a strategic focus on enhancing my presence in East Africa and Asia. In the coming months we will also continue to develop our Fitness Franchise AFROFIT and roll out the brand across East Africa. Tell us about your greatest career achievement so far.

My greatest career achievement to date encompasses a culmination of milestones achieved over the course of more than 13 years in the business of business consulting in fitness. Throughout my career of 25 years in the fitness business, I have had the privilege of successfully being part of over 100 projects and assisting a diverse range of clients in the fitness industry to accomplish their goals. This includes partnering with investment companies, hotel operators, gym owners, equipment suppliers, and other fitness & wellness organizations to drive growth, optimize operations, and maximize their impact.

Additionally, I take great pride in having placed well over 500 candidates in various positions within the fitness industry. Through careful evaluation, comprehensive screening processes, and a deep understanding of both client and candidate needs, our recruitment team has been able to match talented individuals with the right opportunities. Witnessing the positive impact of these placements on both the careers of the candidates and the success of the organizations has been incredibly rewarding.

These achievements signify not only the depth of my experience but also the trust and long-term relationships we as a company have established with clients. By consistently delivering results and exceeding expectations, we have been able to make a meaningful impact within the fitness industry and contribute to its overall growth and success. If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be and why?

If I could change one thing about the fitness industry, it would be to shift the perception that it is solely for fit individuals and to embrace the inclusivity of all individuals, including first-timers and those who are new to exercise. The fitness industry has an incredible opportunity to create a welcoming and supportive environment for individuals at all fitness levels, promoting health and well-being for everyone.

It is essential to recognize that fitness trainers and professionals have challenging roles. They play a crucial part in guiding, motivating, and educating individuals on their fitness journey. It requires a deep understanding of human physiology, exercise techniques, and the ability to adapt to different needs and goals. By acknowledging the complexity and significance of these roles, we can foster greater respect and appreciation for fitness professionals within the industry.

While fitness is undoubtedly a fun and enjoyable business, it is important to remember that it is still a business at its core and should be run as such. This means incorporating sound business principles, such as strategic planning, effective marketing strategies, and efficient operational systems. Balancing the fun and excitement of the fitness industry with a strong business foundation ensures long-term sustainability and success.

By shifting the industry's mindset to focus on inclusivity, valuing the expertise of fitness professionals, and maintaining a business-oriented approach, we can create an environment that encourages individuals of all fitness levels to participate, grow, and achieve their goals. Embracing diversity and accessibility within the fitness industry not only benefits individuals but also contributes to the overall health and well-being of society as a whole. Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

A pivotal moment in my life that greatly influenced my personal and professional growth was when I made the decision to embark on a journey that took me from Kuwait to Dubai and eventually to Nairobi. These moves were significant as they involved relocating to unfamiliar environments with unique challenges and opportunities.

Moving to Kuwait was my first major step outside of my comfort zone. It was a market with little established competition and yet thriving thirst for fitness. This experience exposed me over the years to the dynamics of a highly competitive market and pushed me to constantly innovate and differentiate myself and our service offering as a company. It taught me the importance of staying ahead of the curve, continuously improving my skills, and delivering exceptional value to stand out in a crowded field.

The next pivotal move was to Dubai, which presented a completely different landscape. The fitness industry in Dubai was rapidly developing and evolving, offering immense potential for growth and opportunity. It was a dynamic market where I encountered a mix of established players and emerging trends. Navigating this environment allowed me to expand my knowledge, network with industry leaders, and gain a broader perspective on the global fitness landscape.

Finally, the move to Nairobi was a transformative experience that challenged me in new and unexpected ways. It was a market with limited development and less competition compared to Kuwait and Dubai. This presented a unique set of obstacles, including the need to create awareness about the benefits of fitness and cultivate a culture of health and wellness. This experience fuelled my passion for making a positive impact and contributed to my understanding of adapting to different market conditions.

Each of these moves played a pivotal role in shaping my mindset, resilience, and adaptability. Stepping into unfamiliar territories and embracing the discomfort of high competition or underdeveloped markets taught me invaluable lessons about persistence, creative problem-solving, and the importance of tailoring strategies to meet the specific needs of each environment.

Overall, these pivotal moments have not only contributed to my professional journey as a fitness business consultant but also enriched my personal growth. They have instilled in me a sense of adventure, a willingness to embrace challenges, and a deep appreciation for the diversity of the global fitness industry.

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