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A Conversation That May Surprise You – Exclusive Interview With Will Soprano

Inmotion: A life and career always moving, constantly changing, and becoming useful. We spent some time talking with Will Soprano, a new Executive Contributor here at Brainz. We’ve distilled the conversation into a question and answer function for easy reading. Something I think you’ll enjoy from our chat is the authenticity of his answers and thoughtful responses he gave. Enjoy!

Will Soprano in Raleigh NC
Will Soprano in Raleigh NC

Who is Will Soprano?

Who am I is a tricky question - it's something I've long since searched for. I think I've finally gotten to a place where I'm fine with not knowing who I am, nor trying to define it. It may be uncomfortable at times but it's peaceful. And while I don't have any obvious hobbies I do have interests, though I'd like to note that there's nothing that I do that defines who I am or my existence. I believe only the present defines us.

Now that I'm thinking about it, some of my passions are serving others (philanthropy), traveling, and listening to others. That last part is something that didn't come naturally - I've had to work at listening to others. It’s created a shift in mindset and through listening to people I've found my own self. Like painting my nails, or trying new foods and activities that I'd have not seen as options otherwise.

William Soprano sky diving
William Soprano sky diving

What is a pivotal moment in the life of Will Soprano that brought you to where you are today?

Probably all of the failures combined. I believe pain is the keystone to getting well, and failure brings pain. Eventually the pain will be great enough and change will occur. But really, even when getting better and beginning to use pain to succeed, what's altered my path most dramatically is that I know today that I can always have a new perspective. No matter how hard things get, or where I'm at I am but a moment's choice away from seeing the situation through a new pair of glasses.

Afterall we can't really change life, can we? Life will always be lifey. Business and relationships will ebb and flow, so the only thing we can really do is see differently. But through the change in perspective I find that I can better work with whatever situation is in front of me - no matter how painful. And that perspective change occurs through action. The actions typically have nothing to do with me, such as serving someone, asking someone else about their day, or picking up what someone else dropped. Does this make sense?

How did you end up in your career?

This is one of my favorite questions because of how it happened. I was in school for creative writing and lit when I took on a contract in tech. When it was completed they showed me all of the different marketing things that people get paid to do; blogging, social media, SEO, etc. And I knew I didn't need a degree to do those things because the one skill I had was an ability to write. So I dropped out of college and embarked on all of the learning I'd need to get started.

My first 9-5 was at a tech company, working primarily with software engineers and helping them promote their projects. That's where I'd learn the more technical bits of the web and fall in love with the startup industry. That would eventually lead me into product and IT, but the thing that underpins everything that I do professionally is this: I am a writer. I refined these abilities to write into skilled communication across functions and it's led me all over the technology landscape.

Now I have the pleasure of working for one of the most amazing organizations in the world. I get to help musicians find their tone, work with some of the coolest and highest quality products in the world, and learn from some of the most innovative (and humble) leaders I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Will Soprano and friend in Wilmington NC
Will Soprano and friend in Wilmington NC

Well that's interesting... How did Will Soprano and Mojotone pair up?

I can't say I earned this job.. or this wonderful team and organization. All of this is a gift that came about pretty honestly. You'd have to ask Michael and Andrew (The CEO and VP of Mojotone, respectively) but I think what we saw when the conversation started was aligned passion and dedication to people. So the conversation moved quickly and we've spent 2023 building meaningful relationships with each other.

The best thing I can say for both Andrew and Michael is that individually they've taken time out of their day to know who I am - and share with me who they are. That's pretty special, especially for leaders of an entire company. I'm grateful to learn from and work with them.

Specifically, what do you do for Mojotone?

I oversee brand, web dev, marketing, and IT. Those are the roles. And it’s a lot. It’s distilled through one mission: Helping musicians find their tone. We are all about expression, love, and art. Musicians have something inside of them that they’re trying to get out - and we help them to that end. And so I get to be part of that in a number of ways; using my experiences in product, on the web, and cross-functionally.

William Soprano and friends
William Soprano and friends

So you're sober, right? What's that all about?

Yeah, I'm sober. Going on 4 years (something like 3.5 years right now). It's definitely a choice I've made, but I think what helped me make that choice are all of the painful choices that I made when I was drunk. I don't think I could have made it to where I am today without the pain that I experienced, but also I couldn't be the person I am today without also getting sober AND taking actions to be a better man, son, friend, and human.

I guess for me getting sober was the first step, but what I'm most excited for is everything else that's happening in my life and the world around me which has nothing to do with drugs and alcohol, but rather all of the life stuff that I've always wanted to experience.

What are some of those things? What is it that Will Soprano wants to experience?

Dang that's a good question. In a word, peace. But is that even enough, really? Probably not. I guess what I want to experience are the deepest human connections and as much of the human experience available to me. Some of that I can work towards, and some will never be an option for me. But for the things that I can seek and find, I'd like to seek all of the things available to me.

William Soprano and his dog
William Soprano and his dog

Thanks for taking the time with us today, it’s pretty cool the kind of purpose that you have in your life and the way that you see the world. I can appreciate the perspective that you have between work and life. Looking forward to what’s next for you!

Learn more about Will Soprano on LinkedIn and his personal blog.



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