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5 Ways To Keep a Good Mood In 2023

Written by: Dannie De Novo, Executive Contributor

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Dannie De Novo sharing her tips for being in a good mood 2023

Well, it’s here—a new year. After the last two years, 2023 is highly anticipated in both a good way and in a not-so-good way. The key to starting off the year on the right foot, and continuing throughout the year in a good headspace, is to hold true to the practice of a few good mood rituals.

women with red hair being in a good mood

There are a few ways that I keep my good mood throughout the day, week, month, year, etc. They are simple ideas that once adopted as habits make life that much easier, and we could all use a little bit of easy right now (especially when it comes to our mood and happiness).

The main point here is to keep it easy on yourself. Once you start stressing over these little practices, they no longer work their magic. Be patient. Take deep breaths. Enjoy the process of being a happy being!

1. Something that makes you feel good

Let’s start off really easy. Hopefully, it is easy for you to think of something that makes you feel good—something loving and productive, of course.

I love nature. When I am in nature, I feel amazing! I feel good mental, physically, and spiritually. So, I make myself spend time outdoors every single day—no matter the weather. Typically, I either walk or hike during the day with my dog Cali, but if time won’t allow for it, I simply sit outside, touch something green, and listen to what nature has to offer.

What makes you feel good? Start incorporating those things into your day. Pick sacred good mood rituals that make you feel complete and like a better version of yourself. Journaling, reading, affirmations, spending time with pets, spending time with loved ones, laughing, and exercise are all great ways to switch from feeling down or anxious to feeling upbeat and relaxed. Make these activities daily practices and they will help contribute to an overall good mood.

2. Meditation for a good mood

The incredibly awesome part about meditation is the more frequently you practice meditation, the more the effects sustain themselves throughout your day and throughout your life. Daily meditation practice equals daily sustained good mood. Meditation is the gift that keeps on giving.

Here is the best part. You don’t have to devote more than a few minutes each day to meditation, and you don’t have to be perfect in your practice. Start out slow and make it easy to start. Begin with just 5 minutes each day. Keep it simple. Focus on your breath. Focus on a mantra or affirmation. Focus on the quiet. What your meditation practice really needs to be is meaningful for you. You simply want to feel more connected to your heart. Remember, with meaning and connectedness, comes greater happiness and fulfillment.

3. Gratitude

People get stuck when it comes to gratitude—as if it is this almighty feeling that you can only tap into under the most rare and amazing of circumstances. But we’re all about the easy right now, so let’s break it down. The truth is that gratitude is simply feeling or showing appreciation toward someone or something. So, a gratitude practice is a daily commitment to focusing your energy and thoughts on what you appreciate.

Gratitude shifts our thinking to the present moment, and it allows us to celebrate what we have now and what we have accomplished. It refocuses our energy on our dreams and goals and on love instead of the chaos around us.

Appreciate the sight of a beautiful tree or appreciate the smell of that first cup of coffee each morning. Give the good things in your life a little extra positive attention and see how the universe brings more goodness to you.

4. Remind yourself of your why

If you don’t remind yourself each and every day why you made the decision to seek and hold onto your good mood, you won’t keep pursuing it.

Remind yourself often of why you made the decision to live your life full of happiness. When I wake up each morning, the first things I see are pictures of my daughter, and next to her photos is a little sign that reads, “When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.”

Look, this human thing is hard sometimes. The world can be less than kind and supportive. Your happiness rests solely in your hands, so you need to learn how to support yourself in your happiness and beyond.

What really matters to you? Why is it essential that you live each day feeling good?

For me, it’s all about my daughter. I can’t stand the thought of her living an unhappy life, and so, each day I recommit to being the mother who shows my daughter how to live a happy life. My daughter’s future is enough to motivate me each morning to continue the pursuit of happiness.

5. Be brave

I firmly believe that courage is the gateway to your good mood and, ultimately, to your ideal life. You have the amazing ability to form the picture of any life you want and, by so imagining it, then live the life you desire. But you must have the courage to act on those dreams. Otherwise, you know on some level you are just kidding yourself.

Okay, so maybe this one isn’t the easiest ritual to begin, but you can start small. Begin with a little self-forgiveness. Then, stop listening to the opinions of others. Instead, start doing some little things that make you happy regardless of what others have to say about it.

Remember, when your mood is dark and small, so is your world. But 2023 isn’t about playing it small, and neither are you. You deserve to be happy. So, make the decision to be happy and then go out there and live happy!

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Brainz Magazine executive contributor sharing her tips on finding good mood

Dannie De Novo, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Dannie De Novo is a happiness coach and international bestselling author. After having battled depression and anxiety for most of her early life, Dannie set out on a course to learn what true happiness was for her and for the sake of her baby girl. Now, Dannie regularly appears on ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS TV news and talk shows as an expert on creating happiness, combating loneliness and depression, and managing anxiety. For more about Dannie De Novo, visit



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