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3 Ways To Ensure DEI Longevity In The Workplace

Written by: Nama Tasi, Diversity Equity And Inclusion Panel


Starting with the goal in mind is always a great idea. Ensuring DEI longevity in the workplace is 100% dependent on companies putting structures and tools that turn awareness into actionable and sustainable processes; without that, DEI will remain unsustainable and short-term trophy goals.

Companies have recently taken to investing in training programs towards achieving DEI in their workplaces.

But a few hours cannot eliminate a lifetime of habits especially by being told what's up and what's not.

It's a great start for building awareness around topics like privilege, bias, discrimination etc , I do net deny that, but companies have to take it a step further for long term diversity, equity, and inclusion.

There are 3 resources companies can utilize to make DEI sustainable for the long haul.

1. ADOPTING TECHNOLOGY in recruitment: using a data-driven approach to eliminate bias at the entry-level.

In this age, technology could be adopted and is being used by many companies already, taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tests to eliminate unqualified candidates and identify qualified ones purely based on merit.

This way, without bias, everyone gets the chance to get their foot inside the door.

Assuming technology will only get better, based on history, this means continuous assurance of diversity in the workplace.

2. DIVERSE LEADERSHIP to ensure equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

With bias eliminated at recruitment, attaining diverse leadership in the company will become a realistic goal.

Having a diverse pool to choose from, in-house, is how to make sure decision-making tables are represented by different majority and minority groups.

From the Stakeholders,

To the C-Suite,

Senior Management,

Middle-level management, down to the lowest leadership role.

This will encourage integration, inter-group mingling, and eventually breaking biases by exposure and association.

People cling to what's familiar, normal, and comfortable.

Doing this will go a long way in making DEI not an idea but an everyday, familiar, normal, and comfortable reality.

And while we are here, equity across the divides will be an almost tangible achievement.

3. Creating S.M.A.R.T DEI goals

In the end, a company with no intent to change won't sustain any of the improvements put forward and working with vague goals is the fastest way to failing.

Using the S.M.A.R.T model to create and execute DEI goals makes change a conscious, long-term, infallible plan.

Sustainable, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals transform the conversation from vague to doable.

After all is said and done, longevity is the word that should drive this conversation.Without it, we will be chasing our own tails for years to come.

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Nama Tasi, Diversity Equity And Inclusion Panel

Nama Tasi is a LinkedIn Business Strategist.

She helps transformation-driven female entrepreneurs Build Profitable Brands on LinkedIn leveraging the power of Magnetic Connection to amplify their reach and revenues.

She founded a community made of young African Entrepreneurs, where she invites mentors from around the world to contribute to topics around personal/business growth and development in an attempt to:

1. Create awareness around the challenges this community faces as they build their global reach

2. To counter the effects of prejudice based on color, race, ethnic backgrounds, and geographical locations

3. To create a globally integrated community that celebrates Diversity, and champions for Equity and Inclusion.



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