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Unshackling Success – The FEAR Method's Triumph Over Business Fear

Written by: Holly Jackson, Senior Level Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.

Executive Contributor Holly Jackson

In the fiercely competitive arena of business, uncertainty and fear are not just obstacles; they are silent profit killers.

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As a TEDx speaker, best-selling author of "Inspiration Contagion: Health Secrets for Raving Success," host of the "Inspiration Contagion" podcast, and a Revenue and Performance consultant, I've observed the brutal toll fear can exact on both fledgling startups and established enterprises.

This is why I'm shining a spotlight on the dire consequences of allowing fear to take root, while unveiling the game-changing solution: the FEAR Method.

Fear: The hidden price tag of business failure

Fear is not just an emotional hurdle; it's a real financial threat to businesses.

Disturbingly, a significant percentage of businesses collapse under the weight of fear and its attendant confidence crisis.

A recent survey conducted by Harvard Business Review revealed that nearly 70% of CEOs confessed to experiencing imposter syndrome and lacking the self-assurance required to navigate tumultuous markets.

Furthermore, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor disclosed that fear of failure prevented over 30% of potential entrepreneurs from pursuing their business dreams.

The FEAR method: Unmasking the fear-defying arsenal

Enter the FEAR Method – a battle-tested, systematic approach to dismantling fear's stronghold. It's more than just an acronym; it's a roadmap to rewriting your business narrative:

  • Face It: Face Your Fears Head-on.

  • Embrace Curiosity: Choose a lens of curiosity instead of allowing fear to drive the steering wheel of your life.

  • Advocate and Activate: Advocate for what you want and need. Activate a positive and healthy mindset.

  • Reach Out: Don’t go it alone. Reach out for the support you need.

Beneath the fear: FEAR method success stories

My FEAR Method has helped thousands of business owners, leaders, and nonprofit mavens.

Let's glean inspiration from these audacious business leaders who harnessed the FEAR Method to vanquish fear's grip:

  • Elena's Triumph: Elena, a marketing maven, battled with fear of launching her consulting agency due to a saturated market. Embracing the FEAR Method, she redefined competition, took calculated marketing risks, and emerged as a trailblazer, securing high-profile clients.

  • Marcus' Mettle: Marcus, a tech entrepreneur, confronted his fear of investor rejection by wielding the FEAR Method. He pitched his revolutionary startup idea, embraced the uncertainty of funding, and secured a game-changing investment that fueled exponential growth.

Embrace the FEAR method today

The gateway to a fear-defying business trajectory lies before you.

The FEAR Method is your invaluable resource.

Inside its pages, I delve deeper into each facet of the FEAR Method, equip you with actionable strategies, and spotlight additional tales of triumph that will galvanize your journey.

Fear's corrosive grasp on business ventures is not inevitable.

As a Revenue and Performance consultant, I've witnessed the metamorphosis driven by the FEAR Method.

Defying fear is not just an option; it's a necessity for sustainable success.

Step into the arena armed with the FEAR Method's principles, and watch fear crumble before your audacity.

Get your copy of the FEAR Method today and begin your journey of transformation from fear-stricken to fearless trailblazer.

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Holly Jackson Brainz Magazine

Holly Jackson, Senior Level Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine Holly Jean Jackson is a Revenue & Performance Consultant, Speaker, Podcast Host, best selling Author, and founder of Business Builder Throw Down. In her Peak Performance Blueprint, she takes a holistic and logistical approach to success. After all, one can’t have massive success in business without a life of equal or greater success.

Business owners hire her to master the art and science of real success because most lack direction, action, and results. So, she helps define and design a business roadmap for impactful visibility, intentional profitability, and endless sustainability.



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