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Resonance, And Why We Should Open Our Cells To It

Written by: Lydia Evangelinos LL.M, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


As a species, it is increasingly important to upgrade our understanding of reality and how nature functions. Most of us know matter is mainly composed of empty space and that we only experience “physicality” because electrons repel from one surface to another at a certain speed.

However, we still fail to appropriately integrate this “truth” into our awareness as human beings. Instead, we insist on managing our lives and making fundamental choices based on a materialistic, Newtonian model of reality. There is no need to wonder why society is experiencing its current level of inefficiency.

But before discussing how resonance could hold the key to aligning ourselves with a happier and healthier world in the New Year, let us first cover some essential ground.

What Is Consciousness?

Consciousness is the essence of everything, and for centuries esoteric disciplines defined it as self-awareness and self-reflection. As is often stated, it is ‘the ability to know the self by knowing what is not the self.’ However, consciousness (or “thought”) also creates electrical and magnetic activity that can influence the cells in our bodies.

Epigenetics shows that clear intentions matched with elevated emotions can change how our genes are expressed and that vibration (aka sound, whether audible or inaudible) is the vehicle by which everything is brought into existence. This, in turn, creates many possible experiences depending on octaves.

To this day, these consciousness-related ideas are still explored by some of the world’s leading minds. Fortunately, mainstream physics is timidly but surely being replaced by a newer, more advanced model.

Several discoveries are now available to support the theory that consciousness is the primary element in all of reality. Renowned physicist Nassim Haramein explains that “consciousness and memory are not a function of the brain, rather a function of the unified field, the fabric of the vacuum of space itself, a quantum wormhole network at the Planck scale...”

Others interestingly argue that consciousness flows through super-domains that bear similarity to membranes. These super-domains convert consciousness through vibrational matrices, allowing for the development of physical objects and universes.

But how are these discoveries relevant to a person’s well-being? Is there a simple way to apply these laws to attain optimal health?

Resonance Is the Key

We can define everything (living systems especially) in terms of resonance, vibrating, and oscillating matrices moving through space-time —including humans. Naturally, there also must be a link between vibration (frequency) and health.

Science and medicine are actually already on the same page with respect to this, and they both agree that there are frequencies that can repel or even annul disease. Because all things in nature vibrate at different frequencies, each of our organs has its own sonic signature. This means that harmonics produced by your lung cells differ substantially from those produced by the cells in your liver.

Mainstream models and scientific research establish that these body parts fail to resonate at their optimal frequency when in a diseased state. However, the key to achieving optimal health via resonance currently lies in understanding what the newer models of a more unified physics are bringing forward.

What is established is that the human body isn’t purely biological, and DNA isn’t just the bearer of genetic information or a physical manual for our complex bodies. Our DNA is also electrical and electromagnetic, reaching into the electrogravitic and scalar range.

Human beings are seen as complex, oscillating, biological entities, existing as a “reserve” of information. We not only see this on the physical plane but beyond the Planck limit and into the vacuum/zero-point field.

Theorists suggest that as living participants of life, we humans are undoubtedly indispensable, perhaps even vital to existence itself, quite simply because each of us serves as a surface for the universe to encode information on.

This reserve of information (possibly what we’ve long referred to as a person’s soul) reflects into and permeates the biological body. This reserve creates a flow of energy characterized by its bioelectromagnetic qualities: sound and gravity.

It flows in a way that links the vacuum and our physical bodies like a subquantum power source, moving along the cellular matrix in an overly sophisticated series of interactions.

This energy flows from the cells and is bio-photonic. Further, it extends into varying harmonics, creating a quantum field that moves, amplifies, and retrieves. The field moves to, from, beyond, and around a person. Because it comes from the cells and DNA, it too can store information.

In contrast, information is also stored in cells in addition to the biological level of RNA/DNA, on an energetic level (waveform). This waveform is also impacted by and composed of electromagnetic interactions.

Now that we’ve established that we humans aren’t purely biological let’s see how we can use this information to our advantage.

Opening Our Cells to the Vacuum

If cells are the engine, then our energy source is the vacuum. Opening our cells to the vacuum on-demand allows us to heal, revitalize, and even slow down the aging process.

We do this via techniques such as meditation or through other sophisticated and even classified technologies. The cells do it in small doses anyway, when brainwave activity is lowered (i.e., when a person is asleep). But this isn’t all we can achieve by consciously interacting with the vacuum.

Highly intuitive people “download” information all the time. They appear to know things about their surroundings without actually putting in any effort. The information that emerges in their conscious mind, seemingly out of thin air, is accessed using the person’s enteric nervous system through their subconscious.

Initially, though, it is stored in the bio-photonic field being emitted. The processing power of the nervous system combined with the cells and the photonic field processes information competently. In contrast, the conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time.

Thanks to the body’s tendency to take in information non-linearly, if a brain were re-trained to use these natural capacities by setting up a multi-threaded and parallel processor for information, it could be possible to retrieve anything a person chooses to know at will.

Accessing Information From Your DNA

Mastering the technique of visualization with a clear intention and an elevated emotion is the key to manifesting the desired object, situation, or outcome. This might sound like the perfect magic trick, but it is quite normal in reality.

There is nothing extra-sensory or spiritual about the phenomenon, and people all over the world are already practicing these methods and achieving amazing outcomes. Notably, we would witness a huge transformation taking place in the field of medicine if most people understood this science.

But a “migration” is actually already happening! The current healthcare system, based mainly on drug dependency, is now leaning towards another system. This new system uses information-wave technology to access the holographic wave matrix of a person, to restore and heal the human body via quantum entanglement and quantum non-locality.

The how can be further explained as follows.

At the subquantum level, there exists something similar to a file; it is the original, perfect blueprint for every living and non-living thing in existence and even applies to each of our organs and cells. This file can actually be converted into a material form directly from its quantum potential (i.e., its thought form).

What takes place is a kind of reflective interchange that links the original and electromagnetic templates of the material target object together. For example, if such an energetic flow were to take place connecting the original template of your kidney to its physical template, the quality of its cells could be restored.

This would happen via what is known as the Priore effect, and “time” is the energy that would pull it towards you. I realize that for many readers, this may sound like nuclear science. Still, it really is simpler for anyone to accomplish than it sounds because our body truly is an exceptional piece of biological technology. It is the most advanced antennae on the planet.

Unfortunately, we barely understand how to utilize it to its true potential, which also explains why 95% of our DNA is still labeled junk. Whether or not the mainstream narrative changes soon does not change that consciousness is the source of everything in existence.

To illustrate, our DNA is like antennae that emit and receive wave information. The technology capable of testing a patient’s holographic wave matrix, of better tuning it and curing the individual, has already been developed.

Fortunately, more people are experiencing the extraordinary health benefits of opening up to resonance and the quantum field. They are learning how to tune into and resonate with the spin states of their wave matrices’ wave fields, either with the assistance of advanced technology or on their own accord.

The widely spread message amongst these communities is that if the universe can vibrationally transduce itself from consciousness into matter, so can you.

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Lydia Evangelinos LL.M, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Lydia Evangelinos directs BIOHOLOGRAPHY (UK) and its mission to provide life-changing consciousness and health services and products. She has broad experience in Life Physics and teaches the principles of the holographic universe through the DNActivation Program which she created. Her services involve helping and empowering individuals to activate their dormant quantum intelligence in order to reach their full potential, to transform their lives and their relationships. Her business expertise spans communications, law, marketing and education and she holds Masters degrees in International Intellectual Property Law and Film & Communications.



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