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Pets R US – A Brand That Goes Beyond The Limits Of Traditional Pet Stores

Written by: Irina Proskurina, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Irina Proskurina

It’s hard to stand out in the saturated market of pet stores, but PETs R US is carving out a new path beyond what traditional pet stores care to do. PETs R US values your pet and understands how much they mean to you, something often overlooked by big brands.

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The clothing and products they create for your furry friends are not only designer in looks but also cruelty-free. But there’s more to Pets R US than meets the eye. Let’s check out why this is the best choice for your pet and what products you can find here.

What is PETs R US

PETs R US is an online brand that provides an array of different clothing, harnesses, and accessories for your pets. But this isn’t your average brand. With thousands of 5-star reviews, customers are in love with the products at Pets R US.

Located in Chicago, PETs R US is servicing customers and their furry friends nationwide. PETs R US is not just a pet store; it's a haven for pet enthusiasts who focus on quality, ethics, and style. Founded by the passionate entrepreneur Yulia Petrus, this pet store stands out as a fashion-forward, ethical, and cruelty-free haven for pet owners and their furry companions.

Pets R US offers a wide range of thoughtfully designed dog clothing and accessories that are not only stylish but also ethical. With a firm commitment to cruelty-free practices, the store happily ensures that every product is crafted with love and care.

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Why Choose PETs R US?

A significant portion of the store's profits goes to support animal charities, reflecting the owner Yulia's belief that no pet should suffer needlessly. It's a brand built on a mission to end animal suffering and promote a loving bond between pets and their owners.

At PETs R US, you'll find a carefully curated selection of pet products that prioritize quality and style. Whether you're looking for chic dog clothing or accessories that enhance your pet's comfort and well-being, PETs R US has it all.

When it comes to PETs R US, the passion for pets extends to the people who love and care for them. The brand believes that exceptional customer service is at the core of a remarkable shopping experience.

PETs R US takes pride in being responsive, attentive, and genuinely interested in customer needs. Whether customers seek advice on selecting the perfect pet accessory or need assistance with an order, the team is there to help. The customer's experience with PETs R US matters, and the brand is dedicated to making it as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

It's not just about selling pet products; it's about creating a community of pet lovers who share values of compassion and style. Customer trust drives PETs R US' continuous improvement, and the brand is grateful for every opportunity to serve customers better.

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Products Available at PETs R Us

As winter rolls in, a concern for many pet owners is their pet’s comfort. A great way to ensure your pooch isn’t too cold this winter can be with the quality-crafted dog coats at PETs R US. For example, the Chicago Puffer Coat is an optimal choice for any pet facing cold temperatures. Not only is this coat windproof, but it’s also waterproof. It comes with a snap-on hood for easy removal and cleaning.

Other products like the Aspen Black Hoodie are a great choice for pets who still get a little chilly, even indoors. This comfy hoodie will not only look stylish but have your pet feeling as cozy as ever with its soft material.

You can also find quality harnesses and leashes so you and your pet have a great time when you’re out and about. All of the clothing available offers various sizes, from small to extra large. You can find detailed information about each product, what it’s made from, and how your pet will feel. The site even contains a size guide for more reference.

Photo of a dog.

If you’re looking to outfit your pet for this winter, be sure to check out PETs R US’ winter sale. This is the best opportunity to try out new clothes and keep your pet comfortable even when temperatures are anything but comfortable. Make sure your pets look their best and feel their best with PETs R US.

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Irina Proskurina Brainz Magazine

Irina Proskurina, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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