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Meet Susanne Grant - Work-Life Balance Expert & Intuitive Business Coach and Consultant

Owner and founder of Grant Method Coaching, Susanne Grant helps business owners create a work-life balance that works for them, their families and their business. She is a mental health advocate and on a mission to end the stigma around it as she was diagnosed with PTSD at 17 herself (now fully recovered). She knows firsthand how important it is to include your mental health into your business plans for long-term sustainable growth.

Susanne Grant
Susanne Grant

Tell us more about yourself, Susanne.

– After being diagnosed with PTSD at 17, I knew something had to change long-term for me to be able to function in society. Even though I was told I was beyond help by my psychologist at the time, I found a way to recover from the “unrecoverable”.

– Understanding the importance of (mental) health and its impact on my daily life, performance and intimate relationships has given me great insights over the years, which I am now honored to share with fellow entrepreneurs.

– As a mother of 2 and a wife living abroad, I know how challenging life can be with all the different hats we have to wear. I believe it is time to open up the dialogue about the importance of (mental) health and well-being to create a balance that works for us, our families and our business.

Why did you start your business?

– What drives me is the number of fellow entrepreneurs struggling with their mental health, not to mention the shocking numbers the "me too movement" revealed to us, for example. As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I cannot stress enough how important it is to STOP these patterns in our generation, so our children and grandchildren do not have to deal with the deep-rooted programming that is passed down as "culture".

– I am passionate about creating real sustainable (mental) health and wealth for all by changing the mindset, unhelpful beliefs and breaking (generational) patterns. It is time to no longer accept these outdated norms; where the hustle culture is promoted as a means to success and being busy is seen as a badge of honor.

What is the Grant Method?

– Working mostly with entrepreneurs who are also parents, it became clear - if we desire to create a balance that works - we need to start inside our home. We need to start taking a holistic approach to business if we want to make this work for those involved, which is not just the business owner or employees, but also the families who are affected.

– When we look at the unit as a whole; being a parent, partner, child, sister, brother, and more AND look at the different elements that make this unit work. I.e, when all the needs are met emotionally, spiritually, physically, intellectually AND financially. Not just financially.

That's how the Grant Method was born!

I take my clients through a 3-phase program where we:

  1. EXPLORE what they want and help them get clear on their personal and business goals.

  2. ELIMINATE the overwhelm, anxiety and all the other "stuff" they are holding onto with my powerful transformational and mindset 1:1 coaching.

  3. EXECUTE my proven and personalized strategy, so they manage their business in a new and exciting way that works for them!

– The most fascinating thing happens when my clients feel fulfilled by their work-life situation. New passions appear, new opportunities are created and they start giving more by volunteering for example. As I support these inspiring entrepreneurs to create a work-life balance that works for them, they are now impacting their communities worldwide.

Why is Work-Life Balance such an important issue?

– We live in a culture where “the hustle” is promoted and being busy is seen as a badge of honor. However, when talking about long-term sustainable business goals, we rarely seem to talk about the importance of mental and physical well-being of those involved. Yet, if you want to create a life well-lived, you want to find a balance that works.

– Your business affects your relationships; your relationships affect your business. If you feel burned out, frustrated or fed up, everything will be affected! Creating a balance that fits your needs and requirements helps to reduce stress and prevent burnout, not to mention reducing your risks of depression, anxiety and insomnia

Work hard, sacrifice everything you got and you will succeed! How often have you heard these kinds of statements? How we define success as a culture has led to many struggling with guilt, anxiety, stress and burnout… Is the way we define success ready for a drastic upgrade? I think it is time to open up the dialogue about the importance of (mental) health. - Susanne Grant

What are your plans for the future?

– As we improve (mental) health of business owners around the world and the way they spend time with their family, overflowing into their local communities, I believe we can change this world together! It's time to ditch the hustle culture, where driving yourself into the ground is seen as an effective business "strategy".

– My next goal is to start working with HR departments and corporate teams, on top of my 1:1 clients, who are ready to embrace the importance of the team's mental and physical health and the business as a whole.

Connect with Susanne on LinkedIn. You can find out more at and sign up for her newsletter for her latest tips and tricks to help you find your ideal balance.



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