Is Your Business-Baby Not Worth More To You Than Spreading Yourself Thinner To Make Quicker Cash?

Written by: Serena Fordham, Executive Contributor

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I have noticed a lot over the last few months that many female entrepreneurs are spreading themselves very thin when it comes to their workload.

What I mean by this is that I see situations like;

  • Someone who I know as an incredible fearless fitness coach suddenly offering blogging services.

  • Someone who I look up to as a super talented makeup and beauty expert, randomly promoting themselves as a sales trainer and business coach.

  • Someone I respect as a reliable social media expert giving advice as a spiritual healer in a women's business Facebook group.

Plus, every single week, I see at least one amazing woman who was once pursuing her business idea wholeheartedly and then starts promoting multilevel marketing (MLM) products as a side hustle - and as time goes by, her once-flourishing business is never to be heard of again.

Now I'm not going to lie, and this makes me extremely sad.

Especially for these women who I know deep down wished their business-babies had grown up into profitable adults, but instead (due to desperation for money to pay the bills), they were forced to leave these on the sidelines before they had time to fully develop into money-making machines.

Not only is it sad that business dreams are becoming extinct before they have even started to become a reality, but by extinguishing these flames too early in favor of new fires (whether in the form of new ideas, projects, businesses, or side hustles) this also confuses potential customers - which results in even lower interaction, sales, and money all round.

As confusion is the single biggest reason why your ideal client won't buy from you, imagine if you suddenly started promoting a totally different business, product, or service that your audience had been used to seeing from you - this would cause a massive sense of confusion and raise a lot of questions and concern amongst them.

Plus, from these reactions, people who might have been considering buying from you might now feel uneasy about you and totally back away. So, if they are not interested in your new offering, then you have totally lost these customers for good.

And how do I know all this?

Well, I have been there on more than one occasion (yes, I admit it) and have learned the hard way. I previously switched my focus here, there, and everywhere, and from it, I have learned th