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How To Refresh, Recharge And Reconnect

Tanya Tsikkos is an innovative jewellery designer who promotes mental health and wellbeing. Covid-19 left her with emotional challenges, and she found a way to cope and to improve her mental health with her jewellery creations and empowering messages.

Executive Contributor Tanya Tsikkos

Liberate yourself and cleanse your mind space. Give your brain a rest and learn how to reconnect to what matters the most. Detox your way to a happier life!

A memory stirred up in me recently, where I remembered how connected I used to be with my friends and family many years ago. Growing up, I remember a time when we were always together, and connecting in person was the norm. A time where the internet was on the cusp of being born, and most days were spent exploring outdoors and going on crazy adventures.

Life seemed more vibrant then and somehow more exciting, even though we didn't have the ease of all that the worldwide web and technology provides us with today. And yes, I'll admit that the digital world does continue to connect us all in a big way, but with the ever-changing tech world we live in now, it becomes increasingly harder to make those real and healthy connections, just like we used to do. On top of that, add a dose of burnout from the overuse of screen time, and that leaves us practically frazzled!

Because we now spend most of our time connecting with each other online, we are often left feeling depleted of energy and can sometimes experience negative emotions as a result.

To get the best of both worlds though, I believe it is important to learn how to step away for a while and reconnect with people in the physical real world, and then from time to time we can dip back into the virtual world that connects us all as we know it today.

So I invite you to regularly refresh and recharge your mind, body and soul. Schedule in some time away from all things digital and renew yourself from the inside out, in the real world. It's time to recognise when you are not feeling your best because you've been spending too much time engrossed in technology, and take time out for a detox. And most importantly, it's time to learn how to reconnect with yourself and the people you love in a healthier and happier way.

Here's how to switch off for a while and refresh

Break the habit

If you have a habit of grabbing your phone first thing in the morning when you wake up, because you need to find out the current gossip on social media, then I suggest you start creating a new habit instead! Consider journaling for 5 minutes. Alternatively, try reading a snippet of positivity (this could be taken from a magazine or maybe a book of affirmations), so you can start your day in a better frame of mind.

This helps the brain to develop new neural pathways that encourage us, instead of depleting us of energy and motivation. Reading or writing something positive first thing in the morning and sitting with good thoughts before you start your day, stimulates the nervous system, helping it to refocus and to place the attention back onto your needs.

Pay attention

Be present with everything you do. Whatever your routine is, be mindful of every detail. For example, when you prepare your breakfast, or you are showering, or you're commuting to work/school, try to fully immerse yourself in that particular activity.

My favourite part of the day is when I prepare my morning coffee. I get my favourite cup out of the cupboard. When the kettle has boiled, I calmly pour the hot water into my cup and I watch as the dancing swirls of heat rise up to my face, and then they quickly disperse into thin air. I then take my first careful sip, and feel comforted as the inside of my body is infused with the warmth of my drink. I take note of every little detail and I am fully present in the moment.

This mindful activity helps me to feel awakened and it sharpens my senses. Try to feel everything whilst you are in the moment with it, and notice your emotions at the time. Are you feeling at peace? Are you truly content with your moment?

Make time to reconnect

Book in some catch-up time with a loved one. You could block out some time in your day to have a lunch break with a friend, where you both get to spend quality time enjoying each other's company without toxic distractions.

Even consider spending time with yourself. Take yourself outdoors and enjoy the splendour of nature. I often take myself on a lunch date. I go to my favourite local nature reserve, sit on a bench by the lake and watch the ducks casually swimming along, whilst I eat my lunch and take in the beautiful surroundings. Truth is, we often take for granted the beauty of the world around us and how great it can make us feel. Try to take the time to enjoy it, whenever you can.

 I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to regularly declutter and cleanse your mind space. I know only too well how restoring my mind affects my physical body too, in a good way. For example, mentally freeing myself from all things digital on a regular basis helps my body to feel more centred and balanced as a result. 

There will be pockets of time in your day that you can solely allocate to a digital detox. One prime example is at dinnertime with your family. Try to switch off from technology and be present with each other. Engage in conversation together, find out how everyone is feeling and talk about the good things and the bad things. Make sure to give each other the fullest attention.

Remember that every moment counts and cannot be lived in exactly the same way again, but the memories will stay. Therefore, make sure they are good ones.

So take a break and press reset. And never underestimate the power of a good rest!


Tanya Tsikkos is an innovative jewellery designer who promotes mental health and wellbeing. COVID-19 left her with emotional challenges, and she found a way to cope and to improve her mental health with her jewellery creations and empowering messages. She has since dedicated her life to helping others to always feel good and empowered . She is the CEO of EntityUK, an online fashion jewellery company, that combines jewellery with empowerment in each design. Her mission: To inspire, uplift and empower all, to live their best lives, with confidence and style!



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