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How Does What You Wear For Work Improve Your Work Performance?

Written by: Rita Farruggia, Executive Contributor

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Researchers have discovered associations between clothes, brain activity and productivity show that dressing professionally for work can improve your work performance. Research shows that what we wear sends a symbolic message to our brain. The type of clothing we wear affects how we see ourselves, thereby affecting how we feel. This research has been done by Dr. Adam Galinsky, co-author of the pre-pandemic research and has been discussed in Association for Psychological Science. Researchers performed a study measuring the work performance of two groups of people. One group wore lab coats and the other group wore street clothes. The group wearing lab coats performed better at work. The conclusion is when we dress professionally for work, we perform better at work. You can read more details about this study in the paper called, “Enclothed Cognition”.

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How What You Wear for Work Influences Your State of Mind

Today, there is a rise in people working from home. There are still plenty of people who are working at the traditional corporate office. People who work outside of their homes are even more pressed for time because of the time spent commuting for work every day along with the rise of increasing work tasks due to advancing technologies. So has a dress solution for women to wear work pants that are both professional and super comfortable for working at home on zoom calls or in the corporate office running to their desks from meetings to work all day. Plus save time for your after-work leisure time activities because you can still wear them to your yoga class or go out for dinner at a restaurant. You can dress them up or down for any occasion. Wearing leggings that are appropriate for work because the colors are dark, the fabric is high quality, not see-through and using classic traditional prints that look like dress pants that are appropriate for the office is best for any woman to wear who is sitting at her desk for eight hours a day. You feel freer to move compared to wearing heavy and constrictive clothing for eight hours a day.

A lot of people have experienced working at home in their pyjamas and got used to working in comfort without leaving their homes. However, working in your pyjamas, you see yourself lounging around, it is difficult to see yourself with authority when wearing pyjamas and this can lower your work performance. We all enjoy feeling comfortable throughout the day, wearing uncomfortable clothes all day long can be tiring. Wearing comfy leggings that are designed to look professional and stylish is the perfect solution to achieve comfort, feel freer yet feel and look professional to influence you to perform better at work because you feel you are in professional work mode. Plus, you feel and look great, which influences your mood and you feel more self-confident. What we wear sends a message to our subconscious mind because it is symbolic. It represents how we see ourselves.

What to Wear That is Both Comfortable and Professional

Women are enjoying both their time being productive at work and their leisure time after work wearing Women’s Beige Brown Argyle Leggings from Alesha Bush, a Photographer in the Commercial Industry and Graphic Designer says, “These Beige Brown Argyle leggings from are fantastic! Comfortable clothes are important when working long hours and always on the move. They look fashionable on the outside while fitting and feeling comfortable inside.”

Taylor Plunk who is a Marketing Content Manager, also enjoys wearing these Beige Brown Argyle Leggings from for work and play. Taylor enjoys being productive while wearing them in her home office and for her after-work activities. She only changes her top and shoes for her after-work leisure activities when wearing these professional-looking leggings. Taylor says, “I LOVE these leggings! They feel amazing and I can’t wait to get more! They are great for all-day wear. I give them a 10/10. I love the quality. I love the feel, I do not want to take them off! I feel my best and look my best wearing these! I Highly recommend them! I use them to be comfy while still looking classy, put together and fashionable. They save me time and space so I do not have to bring or have extra pants with me to take to the gym or hang with friends. They make me feel good and look good in any situation.” These leggings pair perfectly with everything from sneakers, stylish heels, boots, and tanks to pretty blouses and blazers.

These Women’s Beige Brown Argyle Leggings from are a perfect fit for any woman who values both their work performance and having a healthy lifestyle outside of work, which complement each other. Studies show that people who are physically active whether that is at the gym, doing yoga, or hiking have better mental performance compared to those who are not physically active. These leggings are a classic design that will never be outdated and looks great for both work and leisure activities. They are made with a high-performance fabric. It is moisture-wicking, fully breathable and quick drying. Women love that these leggings have a reliable waistband that won't fall down as you move around throughout your day or evening. They are made to be stretchy without being see-through plus figure sculpting. They have enough compression to hold everything in without being too tight. You can check out other legging designs at

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Rita Farruggia, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Rita Farruggia is the CEO and Founder of, with the mission of being the #1 Self-Care Community in the world. Her mission is to awaken a billion people globally to their love while teaching them how to love themselves, reprogram their subconscious, align with truth, universal laws, and create a daily spiritual practice that involves self-care practices. offers the tools/products, education, and inspiration to use in our daily spiritual & self-care practice. Rita believes a daily spiritual practice is not limited to yoga and/or meditation. The truth is when we are manually cleaning our dishes, we often go into a trance. This is also a form of meditation. Rita believes our personal hygiene (self-care) and home cleaning sessions can also be our spiritual practices. Self-care and spiritual practices changed Rita's life, increased her ability to love herself.


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