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Future Focus – Marketing In 2024

Written by: Patricia Baronowski-Schneider, Executive Contributor

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Executive Contributor Patricia Baronowski-Schneider

We’re only a few short months away from 2024, but the marketing landscape continues evolving at a dizzying pace. What trends and technologies will dominate marketing strategies in 2024?

Man wearing a futuristic eye glasses

Here are some key predictions:

AI Goes Mainstream: Expect artificial intelligence to power marketing efforts increasingly. From personalized ads to data-driven content creation, AI will provide enhanced targeting, insights, and experiences. Chatbots and virtual assistants will feel more human-like. Marketing roles will shift to focus on strategy over repetitive tasks managed by AI.

Next-Level Personalization: With more customer data and intelligent algorithms, marketing personalization will reach new heights. Ads, offers, products, and content will dynamically adjust to each individual. Retargeting will follow users across all devices and channels.

Personalization will extend to the offline world via location data on smartphones.

Video Takes Over: Video will be a significant part of marketing mixes 2024. Short vertical videos will rule over static images and text on social media. We’ll see more interactive shoppable videos. Live streaming will connect brands to audiences in real-time. From AR filters to 3D product visuals, video will be more immersive.

Voice Search Goes Mainstream: With the rise of smart speakers, voice will become a primary search method. SEO strategies will focus on long-tail conversational queries. Brands that optimize for voice search will gain visibility. Voice shopping through smart assistants will also gain traction.

Subscriptions Surge: As consumers increasingly prefer access over ownership, subscriptions will disrupt more markets. We already see growth in subscription boxes, on-demand services, and digital content. In 2024, subscriptions may dominate for software, physical products, financial services, and education.

In 2024, the most successful marketing will combine data-driven personalized experiences, interactive content, and seamless omnichannel delivery. Now is the time for brands to future-proof their strategy with flexible platforms, robust analytics, and continuous testing. Agility and innovation will be musts to meet ever-changing consumer expectations.

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Patricia Baronowski-Schneider Brainz Magazine

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider. I’m the founder of Pristine Advisers, since 2010. I have been in the IR/PR industry for over 35 years. I am a 3 x’s international best-selling published author and have also been featured in various books about IR/PR and Business. I’m a member of the Farmingdale Chamber of Commerce, have been featured in and on the cover of multiple magazines and newspapers and won many awards for my work. I help companies around the world to be in front of the audiences that matter most to their business. Check out my YouTube Channel – Been There/Done That where I offer free advice on trending topics. You can also check out my Podcast Successful Minds with Patty B”.



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