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Five Ways Social Support Could Be The Deal-Breaker In Lifestyle Changes

Written by: Eszter Zsolt, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


Change can be challenging whether it's changing your lifestyle, your eating habits, or your mentality. Several tips and tricks are available to keep you motivated and on track. Still, there's one thing no other can beat: social support. It does not necessarily mean a large group one person could deliver the help you need. Here are five ways a support group or person could help you through your journey.

1. Professional support: creating a personal plan to change your lifestyle is essential for you to succeed. Working with a nutritionist, a personal trainer, or a health coach could make all the difference. Not only can they motivate you, but they are also able to provide a solution to every challenge you face.

2. Accountability: whether it's a health coach or your best friend, having someone you have to report about your progress can be helpful in the long run. Just think about it: canceling on your trainer is much more complicated than simply staying home with no one to call you to account for doing so.

3. Emotional support: facing the difficulties of change feels even more complicated when you are alone in the process. Having someone in your corner, a shoulder to cry on makes the whole procedure more bearable. Although nowadays you might feel you have to do everything without the help of others, don't forget: a problem shared is a problem halved.

4. Inspiration: being motivated during the whole course of your lifestyle changes is impossible. But having someone who can cheer you up or inspire you when you have a hard day or want to give up is not. Look for someone with (almost) the same goals and plan as yours, and pull each other! It is true: everything's better together!

5. Hands-on solutions: sometimes, being motivated is not the most significant task instead, the "hows." How to make time for your workout, how to prepare your meals, or how to deal with the household. Support can mean the physical or material help you need to solve these problems: it can be a reliable babysitter or your spouse who helps with the cooking.

Joining a support group has never been easier: it seems like online groups can be just as influential as in-person groups! If you had no long-term results in the past, go and find a partner and achieve what you could not alone. Remember: your accomplishment will not be worth any less by getting help!

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Eszter Zsolt, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Eszter Zsolt, health coach and nutritionist has had her struggles with her own health both mentally and physically. She started to study nutrition to heal herself and found a lifelong passion in helping others make the best decisions about their own health and lives. Her mission is to ease the process of lifestyle changing, weight loss, and dietary changes for everyone in need.



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