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Exercise – A Key Tool For Improving Mental And Emotional Well-Being

Lynne Wadsworth is the owner and founder of Holistic Health & Wellness, LLC. and an AADP Certified Holistic Health practitioner who earned her certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.

Executive Contributor Lynne Wadsworth

Spring is here finally. As we welcome in the fresh and warmer air that we’ve been anticipating, we often turn our thoughts to that sense of renewal and revitalization that we feel. This is a wonderful time of year to take advantage of the weather and get back into a better fitness routine.

Man and woman stretching to do physical exercises

The journey to physical fitness is typically viewed through the lens of physical hardship—sweat, sore muscles, and adherence to strict routines. However, an often-overlooked aspect is the significant impact of exercise on mental strength


Exercise is more than a route to physical health; it's a mental and emotional growth tool. Regular physical activity pushes us to confront and extend our limits, teaching valuable lessons in perseverance and discipline. This process conditions the body and challenges and strengthens the mind.


The discipline required for consistent exercise translates into improved self-regulation and order in other areas of life.


The endorphins that are released during physical activity actually reduce stress and enhance our mood, contributing to a better mental state.


Achieving fitness goals can lead to increased self-esteem and a stronger belief in one's abilities, underscoring the comprehensive benefits of exercise.


I want to share some practical ways to leverage exercise to strengthen your mental fortitude.


1. Setting realistic goals


Before you lace up your sneakers, ask yourself, "What do I want to achieve?" Whether you want to shot for running a 5K or mastering ten push-ups, it’s important to have clear goals so as to set the stage for mental and physical gains.


It’s also important to remember to celebrate even the minor milestones along the way. Each small victory is a mental boost, reinforcing your belief in your capabilities.


2. Developing an exercise routine


Consistency in exercise builds discipline. We all seem to groan at that word “discipline,” but let’s view it in a more positive light.


If you’re new to a fitness routine, simply start with manageable frequencies like three times a week and then gradually increase to four to five times a week. This regularity strengthens not just muscles but also mental resolve.


Life is unpredictable. When your routine faces a hiccup, adapt instead of giving up. This flexibility in approach cultivates mental resilience.


3. Mindfulness and exercise


As you exercise, focus on your movements and breathing. This practice of mindfulness enhances your mental focus and reduces stress. Listen to your body. Understanding its signals – fatigue, discomfort, or exhilaration – fosters a deeper mind-body connection, which is essential for mental well-being.


4. Overcoming challenges


Plateaus are inevitable. It’s how we view these plateaus that’s important. Instead of viewing them as failures, see them as opportunities to reassess and adjust your strategy.


This mindset helps in overcoming life's challenges as well. Every setback is a lesson. Analyze what went wrong and how you can improve. This approach builds resilience and a problem-solving mindset.


5. Community and support


Maybe for you, exercising on your own isn’t as beneficial as enjoying it with someone else. If that’s you, join a fitness group or find a workout buddy – or maybe there’s a walking group in your area.


Shared experiences in overcoming physical challenges build a sense of community and support, which is crucial for mental health.


Sometimes, professional guidance can make all the difference. A personal trainer or a health coach can provide the tailored advice and encouragement needed to stay mentally and physically on track.


6. Celebrating progress


Regularly reflect on how far you've come. This recognition fuels self-esteem and motivation. Inspiring others by sharing your fitness journey can reinforce your own mental strength and encourage others.


Incorporating a fitness mindset is more than achieving a toned body. It's about building a resilient, focused, and empowered mind. Each step, each lift, and each stretch aren’t just a physical act but a building block for your mental fortress.


In my younger days, physical fitness wasn’t even a factor in my wellbeing. It took some stumbling blocks in my own life to realize how important healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle is. I was a “late bloomer” when it came to exercise. But now, having felt all the benefits of exercising – including mental fortitude, as well as more happiness, and a healthier body, this has now become an important part of my health routine.


There’s no better feeling than the one you get after having a great work out, and the shift and exhilaration you feel!


My advice to you? Simply start today. Set a small, achievable goal and take the first step.


If you need support and guidance, I’d love to chat. Schedule a free call with me so I can guide you through next steps. 


Lynne Wadsworth, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Lynne Wadsworth is the owner and founder of Holistic Health & Wellness, LLC. and an AADP Certified Holistic Health practitioner who earned her certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She is also a Certified Wellness Cooking Instructor. After being a "professional yo-yo dieter" for most of her life which led to disease, sickness and daily migraines, Lynne decided enough was enough and went on to create her own strategies to dramatically decrease her migraines, learning to ditch the "diet mentality, enhance her energy exponentially, easy lifestyle changes that lead to permanent healthy lifestyle changes, while making these solutions easy for her clients. Lynne’s area of expertise involves working with women who are tired of the changes they see and experience on a daily basis leading to fatigue, weight gain, inflammation and less than optimal health. She helps them achieve a higher level of health, allowing them to experience more energy, less belly bloat, fewer mood swings, headaches, sugar cravings, and weight loss. She believes that living in health and wellness takes in many areas of our lives and approaches her work holistically not just with diet and healthy eating. She has dedicated her life to helping her clients make permanent changes with easy-to-incorporate simple steps to health, while helping others unleash the true miracle of life within their own body. She is also an author of two books on migraine prevention as well as being host to the Living Life Naturally podcast, educating on the power of a natural, healthy life. She has been a blogger on CureJoy, earned Top Honors in the Health Coaching Field with International Association of Top Professional (as seen on ABC, NBC, Fox and CW), Outstanding Professional of the Year for The International Society of Business Leaders and Professional of the Year at NAPW.



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