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Do Your Leaders Make The Cut

Written by: MIchael Cooper, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


MasterMind Alliance Member Qualifications

A mastermind alliance is when two or more minds work together in a spirit of harmony towards the same end result. They are operating as one. Two minds working together in perfect harmony creates like a third mind. In order for the mastermind alliance to produce positive remarkable results, there are qualifications you must be one with to participate as an active member.

Now, most mastermind alliances are not a true mastermind alliance. They are not in perfect harmony. They are rather in ordinary harmony, which is to say, they are cooperating with one another. It’s not perfect harmony. It’s not soulful.

The six qualifications members of your mastermind alliance must have:

  1. Dependable. You must be able to depend on them doing what they say they can do. And WILL DO! Can you count on them to get the task completed correctly? The answer must be YES!

  2. Loyal. They must be faithfully devoted to positive thoughts, feelings, actions, words and deeds in alignment to the mastermind alliance definite major purpose.

  3. Ability. They must have the ability to perform at a high performance level. They have the talent and ability, mental strength and conditioning to succeed.

  4. Positive Mental Attitude. They must be in the habit of positive thinking. Nobody likes stinking thinking. When you operate from a positive mental attitude, life will reward you. Operate from a negative mental attitude and life will penalize you. Who in your team is penalizing?

  5. Going the extra mile. They must be willing to go beyond what is asked to do. They will go the extra mile to get the task complete correctly. If they are asked to perform a specific task, they do whatever it takes, and for how ever long it takes, to get it done! They have faith. They make it their way to be kind, respectful, honorable, honest and righteous to others.

  6. Applied faith. Applied means ACTION. ACTION. ACTION. They must take action towards the mastermind alliance definite major aim. Having faith in the process of creation. Knowing that the energy they are supplying in service to others will 100% be returned. Knowing, the process of creation works outside of time. They have faith it’s arriving. The greatest application of APPLIED FAITH is learning the art of keeping your mind focused on what you want.

We personally have run into ups and downs with past alliances. However, we become one with these six qualifications and today have a powerful mastermind alliance. Together Everyone (in-spirit) Achieves More!

Thought into Action: Think about your alliances. Think about your groups or teams. Is there perfect harmony? Do all of the members have all six qualifications. If just ONE of the qualifications is missing, they are NOT a mastermind alliance member, and should be eliminated immediately! Start seeking the answers. It may be tough and disappointing what you uncover, but you’ll be so much stronger and wiser moving ahead.

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Michael Cooper, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

"Michael is a speaker, trainer, life leader, and the founder of Human Performance Mentors and the Missing Playbook™. His mental strength training strategies, methodologies and philosophies are drawn directly from his own life experiences.

He has dedicated his life to training and preparing the world’s most elite athletes, top athletic organizations, leaders and influencers. His passion: Leading individuals to Master Mental Fortitude. He works with very successful individuals from all walks of life.

As seen on: CBS, NBC, MarketWatch, FOX

+ Honorably led hundreds of troops through Operation Desert Storm aboard the USS NIMITZ Aircraft Carrier

+ Consults for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and US Olympics on Human Performance

+ Certified LifeSuccess Consultant and Certified Leader of The Napoleon Hill Foundation, specializing in Human Peak Performance"


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