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Bringing Back The Joy & Connection Between Parents And Kids – Interview With Safia Haque

Safia Haque is an Effortless Parenting Coach, a Speaker, and a Home-Educator. After going through a life-changing Psychological Paradigm Shift that made her parenting effortless, non-reactive, and peaceful. She is on a mission to take one parent per family through the powerful Inside-Out transformation. She is the creator of the Effortless Parenting Course and is working with parents worldwide to raise happy, healthy, and confident children without any guilt, stress, or worry.

Safia Haque, Parenting Coach

Who is Safia?

I am a Mum of two boys and one girl and live with my husband in the UK. About 4 years ago I came across the Psychological Paradigm also known as the Psychological Switch, Inside-Out Paradigm, and The Three Principles as originally articulated by Sydney Banks. The paradigm shifted my life from being on the brink of divorce and having constant Mum guilt about not doing enough to transforming my marriage and finally becoming the parent I always dreamed to be.

Now I am on a mission as an Effortless Parenting Coach to take one Parent per household on earth through the Psychological Switch and to make parenting effortless and peaceful through life-changing insights and realizations about the true nature of our minds and emotions.

What is it that you do for your clients?

Probably the best way I can describe it is that I take parents from being overwhelmed, stressed out, and not knowing what to do when facing new situations and challenges with their children to becoming a calm, confident, and empowered Parent that knows how to take care of their child in the best way possible.

My Coaching is not about positive thinking yourself out of our problems, but it's about knowing where your thinking is coming from in the first place.

It's not just about using some techniques that might or might not work for your children, it's about tailor-made solutions for your family, that makes sense to you as a parent and is not just someone else's good idea you have to try to copy.

It's not about only having a positive attitude towards parenting and trying to force yourself to think in a certain way around the subject. I help clients see much deeper into the nature of positive thinking and that sometimes we will see it and sometimes we won’t.

I help clients see that it is not about getting some quick fix and then trying to live happily ever after and getting frustrated when you fail again, but it's a permanent and lasting transformation that is far superior, once you have insightfully realized the true nature of the power of Thought itself. It's not about me holding your hand and telling you what to do, but it's about facilitating a space where we make your vision and goals happen without stress and anxiety. I am also not trying to fix my clients because they were never broken in the first place but about waking up to the reality of where our experience of life is actually coming from and where it is actually not coming from.

Who should hire/work with you?

Every Parent, who wants to break the pattern of stressful and overwhelmed parenting and finally put the joy and connection back into their relationship. If you want to pass on the best version of yourself to your children and want to wake up every day, knowing that whatever challenge your kids through at you you will be just fine, then come and work with me, as this is exactly what my Coaching program will do for you.

What do you wish you had known sooner?

The only truth that I wished I had known sooner, is the Psychological Law of how our mind works i.e the fact that “Feelings come from Thought in the moment and nowhere else”. If I had known that sooner in my life I would have saved myself and my family from a lot of unnecessary suffering as my mentor Dr. Keith Blevins puts it. If I had known that sooner, I would have shared it with a lot more parents by now and would have saved them from a lot of unnecessary suffering too.

What are your 3 top tips for Parents of today?

Smile more and be light hearted with your kids.

Choose your battles, connection is more important than a tidy room.

Given that we don’t life in large family units anymore, get help and support for yourself, as it is hard doing it on your own. Being part of a group of other parents that are all floating towards the same goals is awesome, empowering and the best way to achieve your parenting goals too.

What is your big goal?

My biggest goal is to end needless parental suffering, I love all parents, I think its the best role in the world, and I think it has been made very hard for parents and my mission is to make it easier and bring back the joy and connection back into the relationship between parents and kids. It is really our busy minds and the stresses of daily life that keep getting in the way of really enjoying the companionship of our children and the more I can help parents quieten their minds and take the stress away the better their and their kids lives become. So I am on a mission to take one parent per household on Earth through the Psychological Switch because it just takes one person to transform to help the whole family transform.

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