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Updated: Mar 19

Written by: Lisa M. Kindle, Executive Contributor

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I can’t even think straight. My mind is blown. I just learned about “nonfungible tokens.” Art as I know it has been blown out of the water. As a graphic designer, fine artist, and occasional musician, I am speechless. You can even buy these tokens from Christie’s with cryptocurrency!

“A nonfungible token” has no physical presence and is "delivered directly to the buyer accompanied by a unique NFT encrypted with the artist’s unforgeable signature and uniquely identified on the blockchain,” as defined by NBC News, Michela Moscufo.

The art in my world is much simpler and is nowhere near the 69 million dollar price tag. (I wouldn’t turn down the offer, however). You can even use PayPal if you want to buy one of my prints.

Art around me fascinates me. Look around your home, your office, your local streets. Maybe you’ll spot one of these artists’ work along the way. The artworld is changing all the time, like everything else. If you haven’t noticed, artists are keenly aware of cultural events, social injustices and have a calling that prompts them to share their perspectives with the world.

Nepali Street Art Image provided by a friend of the Global Art Café

This image (the yellow line drawing above) is seen on walls throughout Kathmandu. It is a campaign to protect women and prevent human trafficking. It would be punishable for people to do graffiti without permission. The government has given their approval so that this symbol can be painted in public. Nepali street artists have taken cues from street artist legends like “Banksy” and other western artists to bring more of a social justice element to their work than just the decorative, more traditional art of the past.

“The Flower Bomber” David Cook, Artist from the Twin Cities Metro Area

Cook actively painted and planted his flower displays from (2012-2000) The flower bombs were inspired after a trip to northern Spain where he took part in a 500-mile trek. Cook admits he was moved after his pilgrimage by all the intense flower colors growing on the Spanish hillsides. His artful flowers are constructed from dowel rods, duct tape, and cardboard to showcase large flower petals spray painted in shades of turquoise, sunflower yellow, and chartreuse pink. He most recently flower-bombed a local nursing home which was most needed after a long stretch of isolation. He would have done it sooner if there had been snowbanks.

Champ De Mars - Tour Eiffel @paddywagonparis, Paris, France

This artist is a woman living in Paris. She has a distinct style influenced by nature juxtaposed to city life, which is part of her message. Her prints are done in cyanotype. “A life of blue, but not….” A cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. @paddywagonparis hopes that her artwork in blue offers a softer side of Paris. She finds great peace in her early morning walks through Paris as she leaves behind her prints for you to find.

Afro Deli Minneapolis Mural Artist: Ariane Zager, Minneapolis, Minnesota

In response to the events surrounding George Floyd in the summer of 2020, Minneapolis Artist Ariane Zager began to participate in the activities to bring healing to the community. Others reached out to her with money to fund her efforts. Her response was to create art. The above mural was part of a larger effort to do something that would leave an impression of beauty and growth. Zager believes, “art allows us to see beauty in the midst of chaos and confusion.” In our interview, Zager commented, “even if you don’t like my art, I’ve done my job if you think about it.”

It is important to consider the cultures in which all artwork is being created and displayed. Each example has a story to tell. The story behind each piece is what holds the power to make an impact on you. I believe by being aware of art in our lives, we can become richer, smarter, kinder people, regardless of who we are at this very moment. Life is a series of constant, micro-transformations.

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Lisa M. Kindle, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

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