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5 Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Fitness Performance As An Entrepreneur

Written by: Sarah Alysse Rosner, Executive Contributor

Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise.


This month is National Athletic Training Month which celebrates trainers and their expertise.

As an athletic trainer, and corporate wellness consultant I wanted to share how we can all do a better job of conditioning and overall training. It’s important to recognize that working out is more than getting into shape.

As entrepreneurs, you may think you only have a set amount of time to work out but there is an abundance of ways you can enhance your fitness performance throughout the day. I want you to focus on how you can perform like an athlete no matter your fitness experience.

An important reminder is that every athlete who has ever competed began at day one. They would slowly develop their muscle memory through functional movement patterns, strength training exercises and interval training. In addition to movement, they had to be intentional with pre and post-training routines. By competition day, their mind and body would have to be in sync to accomplish their performance goal otherwise they would be left in the dust. As entrepreneurs, we need to make choices to improve our health so that we can perform at a higher level in our business or choose to be fine with where we are currently.

Even if you are just beginning to incorporate a fitness routine into your life there are 5 easy steps you can do to start.

1. Write down your relationship and previous experience with fitness.

When choosing a fitness program, I want you to look at your current physical activity, lifestyle, and nutritional habits. Write down all the areas you wish you could be doing more in then select two to three habits that you would like to change in the next four months. Be honest with yourself on what has not worked in the past and what has been holding you back from making these adjustments.

2. Set an Intention

What are your goals as well as your need to improve your fitness performance? When you accomplish these goals what is it that you will feel immediately and how will this change your life for the better.

3. Develop a Thoughtful Schedule

Over the 13 years, I have been training and coaching individuals, the number one item I have learned is that if it is not on the calendar then it won’t happen! Craft the fitness routine so it can be easily implemented into your workday. If stepping away from your computer is a goal in the middle of the afternoon, block out 15-30 minutes to step outside / walk on a treadmill /stretch. Make sure to write down on your schedule the feeling you will receive from stepping away. This stops the internal thought that you do not have time for the activity. When you see different schedule blocks that promote health and relaxation it will give you something to look forward to that day.

4. Invest in Yourself

As entrepreneurs we are taught to invest in our businesses but what about ourselves? It can be extremely difficult to make these fitness and nutritional adjustments on our own. Finding a coach who will create a program to meet your needs while also holding you accountable for your goals is the best investment you can make for yourself. Two ways you can make your experience with a fitness trainer even more successful, share your fitness history especially if you have had any injuries and be open to stepping out of your comfort zone. Another option is to grab an accountability buddy who is planning on making the same adjustments to their routine. This will keep you on the path to achieving your goals.

5. Rinse, Repeat, and Reinvigorate

Step 5 is where most people fall off the wagon because they have attained their goal and believe they can just keep doing the same thing to keep their satisfactory results. Let me ask you, as an entrepreneur do you ever stop learning? Are you satisfied staying stuck in the same place? Is nothing else left to accomplish in your business? The answer that I hear from every business owner is a resounding NO! We must do what works but also find NEW ways to challenge ourselves so we can grow. Take ownership in your wellness and become an enhanced version of yourself!

Hopefully, this brings you a new perspective on fitness as an entrepreneur. When our mind and body are in alignment, we can achieve whatever the world throws at us!

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Sarah Alysse Rosner, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Sarah Alysse is a corporate stress management coach that helps companies cultivate a low stress environment so that their employees can be happier and more productive. She’s the creator and CEO of Live Well Enhance You which formed out of a need for her Pilates clients to find balance in their lives. She branched into the corporate market to assist employees in creating out of the box wellness solutions. She utilizes her BFA Musical Theater Performance background to coach others how to be confident and understand the connection between the brain and body. Spanning over a decade, Sarah has collected an abundance of certifications from Integrative Institute of Nutrition, STOTT Pilates, to National Academy of Sports Medicine. She’s been featured on WGN's Living Healthy and WGN Around Town’s segment as a Stress Management Expert. Also, she has been promoted on Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Authority, Kivo Daily, LA Wire, The Chicago Journal, NY Wire, NY Weekly, IdeaMensch, and US Reporter. In addition, she’s the host of the Stress Free SOULutions podcast.



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